Coming Soon – AVGN curse count

Mike Matei / December 5th, 2008

In response to one of my recent posts, I’m getting a lot of emails counting the swear words from the AVGN videos, which is real funny. Some of them are even detailed with timecodes and FPM’s (Fuck Per Minutes). Someone is even working on an entire website dedicated to it. Naturally, a lot of the same videos are being counted more than once, which is okay, but I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the time and effort you’re all taking to do this. You’re fun fans to have.

I’m awaiting the count on some more videos, I think there’s still quite a lot left from 2007/2008 to be done, and I still need to check my email more (I’m very behind, because I’m busy working on videos all the time). But once I get things organized, I’ll post the results.

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