As close to my idol as possible

Ryan / October 20th, 2008

Today’s Bela Lugosi’s birthday, (If my calculations are correct, he would be 126) so I thought it would be appropriate to post these pictures, taken recently at Holy Cross Cemetery, Culver City, California.

Lugosi was one of the most charismatic horror movie stars who ever lived. He came from Hungary to Hollywood, hoping to find acting roles as the suave hero, but he would be forced into only playing villains, the evil “foreigner”, forever typecast in his persona as Dracula. He never got the respect he deserved.

However, he accepted that people only knew him as Dracula and went along with it. He was even buried in the cape. To this day, his voice and mannerism in the role is the way people always imitate the character. It felt awesome to be so close to such a pop culture icon.

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