New Fan Art/Articles/Song Covers

Ryan / September 2nd, 2008

I’ve spent the last two days catching up with a lot of email, so here’s some of the interesting stuff I received.

Some of the fan art I got

Web/Magazine Articles

Internet Killed the Video Star

SuperPlay (Swedish magazine)

Theme Song covers

8-bit by Jacob

8_bit by Pouch


Another by HVYRIFF

Remix by Renard

By Vic

By UnicornPow3r

Techno remix by Volcomfan24


By Vectorfray (Im_Killing_Ducks_With_A_Grand_Piano)


By (Hammer Bros version)

Another by

By YautjaTribe

Damn, that took forever to link all those. But thanks everybody for sending.

The Shit Pickle cookie

Sent by Bookitty182

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