Dark Side of the Nerd

Ryan / August 4th, 2008

Some fans already have discovered this, but this is the first time I’m making an official statement. The AVGN Wizard of Oz game review can be synced to the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon. But,I’m very surprised how many people are not aware of the pop culture reference. So, I’ll explain:

There’s an old urban legend that if you listen to the album Dark Side of the Moon while watching the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz, they sync together. During the MGM logo in the beginning of the movie, you’re supposed to start the album on the third lion roar. While a lot of really neat coincidences occur, it’s nothing that special, but some people swear that Pink Floyd dilerberately composed the whole album to match the movie. Furthermore, it’s been discussed in depth to the point where people are even comparing the album artwork, that the beam of light going through the prism, represents the movie’s change from Black & White to Color, and “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

So keeping with tradition, you can also sync the AVGN: Wizard of Oz video to Dark Side of the Moon. You must start the album on the third lion ROAR, ignoring the laughs and various noises inbetween. Or just watch the bottom of the screenfor the “I” “II” “III” count to show up. (Start it ON “III”) And just for a fun fact, if you want to know what all the junk at the bottom means: “MMVIII = 2008, the year the video was released. MCMLXXIII = 1973, the year Dark Side of the Moon was released. Plus the prism logo are all the clues presented. This was just to give fans the idea without explicitly saying so.

All the things to watch for:


0:00 – starts on GameTrailers/Screwattack logo
0:13 – Third lion roar (START ALBUM)
1:29 – First chord of Breathe – Nerd appears for first time.
2:20 – music matches with witch bubble
2:45 – “breathe in the air” – clouds appear on “air”.
3:14 – “how you fly.” – Zooms in on bird flying.
3:18 – “Smiles you’ll give, and tears you’ll cry.” – Tree SMILES, TEAR drops from bubble
3:22 – “all you touch and all you see.” – Nerd TOUCHES clock, EYE appears in background on center poster.
3:29 – “Run, rabbit run” – Very obvious.
3:36 – “Dig that hole, get the sun.” – HOLE in ground, SUN appears at top.
3:54 – “Don’t sit down” – You wouldn’t want to sit down in a killer chair
4:05 – “Ride the tide” – Dorothy rides the logs.
4:10 – “balanced on the biggest wave.” Dorothy jumps on edge of mushroom resembling a wave.
4:13 – “ON THE RUN” BEGINS – Super Mario World starts
6:10 – Crazy laughter – Lion LAUGHS in closeup.
7:05 – another laugh – this time it’s chattering teeth.
7:17 – plane engine (?) – A plane flies by in background, deliberatley added. It doesn’t belong in the game, but perfectly compliments the soundtrack.
8:07 – BELLS!!! – The clock. From here on out, the video repeatedly cuts to the music.
10:32 “in your home town” – Dorothy goes home.

There’s also a very brief scene in the video where you can see R.O.B. hanging himself in the background, but I hope I don’t have to explain what that one’s all about.

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