Comments on: The Dark Knight (Short Review) Tue, 06 Oct 2015 21:11:36 +0000 hourly 1 By: Kris Brown Tue, 06 Oct 2015 21:11:36 +0000 4 out of 5 wtf u smoking crack .. this movie is a beast even in 2015 .. as much as i love tin’s version of batman this exceed’s by 100%

By: Alex Krajci Mon, 10 Sep 2012 21:59:51 +0000 2008’s The Dark Knight Is One Of My Favorite Films, I Like This Film Better Than 2005’s Batman Begins And 2012’s The Dark Knight Rises, I Like Heath Ledger’s Performance As The Joker.

By: HorazStCruz Mon, 19 Mar 2012 00:44:01 +0000 As a hardcore Batman Fan (ever read “Batman observed by a psychiatrist” book…?) i disagree with you.
“Overrated” is such an easy word to flame on argument wars, or to simply end them.
What is “supposed” to be is such a very subjective criteria.
As it was demonstrated on early reviews, each one has a Batman mix of characters and personalities, all borrowing from different Batman eras and media (did you see Batman: Arkham City portrait of the Penguin? Dude, that scared the shit out of me; i’d have never imagined someone could create suck a sadistic motherfucker like that one). Other people resent the films favouring the animated series, and i think that is also fair.
I guess we are all entitled to a personal opinion, and that is what makes all of the entertainment spheres to have proper and well-deserved merits on their own. That is what makes new artist to think out of the box, or even to fuck mainstream with mature and sometimes underestimated bits. For example, you complain about the deviation of the source material. while i think that is the only way things would have worked out in order to avoid an exact comic-to-screen version. Who on earth would want that? It’s the same problem most people is experiencing with the Videogames-to-screen things. Driven by that thought, we would have 500 Batman movies if we want that everything that inspired us appear on screen.
It’s ridiculous and no one would want that. An oversaturation of that sort would oblige people to spent their lives going to the movies with a “must-be” list, lights on to proper see it -ruining everything about atmosphere. We’re Batman fans, right…?-, and then check that every personal, subjective and *always* INCOMPLETE point of view on the character or series is there.
You’d still have people ranting or complaining. So why doing that?
I didn’t like Batman & Robin. So i didn’t see it full. I loved The Long Halloween and Dark Victory, so i read it whole. I personally hated Batman: R.I.P., but read it whole nevertheless.
And guess what? I still think Nolan’s POV is just the right one.
Good thing is, we’re LEARNING from each other, either form James’ personal POV -and hard fucking work on reviewing and editing this- and we’re TALKING about it.
I’m sure, as Batman fans, no matter the media, we support and encourage that.
And if not… what the hell. Let’s just enjoy ourselves. Cheers for everyone.-

By: HorazStCruz Mon, 19 Mar 2012 00:26:54 +0000 As i’ve said before, Without Jack there’d be no Heath. Period.

By: LatinoBadass Sun, 22 Jan 2012 04:22:30 +0000 i dont see y its soo necesary to take sides when its about movies and comics, theres a very thin line betwin hardcore fan and fan boy, most of the hatters of the dark knigth its not cus of the movie itself, its mostly cus they hear people talking about it the whole time, jut like HALO, its an awesome game with an awesome muliplayer but like the people maked it overratted people hates it, same with the dark knigth, i love all about batman, the cartoon series of the 90s, the tim burtons films and nolads films as equal, i just love them all, how ever many people its soo obseced wuth taking sides like if their own comics or their own movies where god, for example i perfer the new joker in some aspects but i perfer the tim burtons joker in another aspects, i perfer bale as batman in some aspects and i perfer the burtons batman in other aspects, i just like them all, i defend the dark knigth as much i would defend the first batman or batman returns or batman beguins or eaven the dark knigth rises, the liking of the people its what matters, some perfer realistic other perfer more comic like, people who perfer a realistic theme its not cus they hate the old batman movies, its cus now days we are sorrounded of overused themes and pointless ideas for movies, times change and the whay to see movies (eaven movies based on comics) change, both tim burton and nolad gave their own batman a new and unique perspective.

By: DonSkiver Sun, 18 Dec 2011 21:24:47 +0000 As a hardcore DC comic fan and general movie and video game fan, I have to disagree. I’m not going to berate you because you don’t have the same feelings for these movies, but I will say that I get the distinct feeling you’re one of those Batman “purists”. I bet you hated the battle for the cowl and how Dick Grayson took up the mantle of Batman. I’m willing to bet that you’re a big fan of the Silver Age stories, right? I’m not saying that is a bad thing, I’m just saying that things change over time, things get retconned and rebooted. It’s when people take that risk and try to do something different is when you have the opportunity to do something fantastic, rather than staying in that safe zone and operating on a tried and true formula.

Were the Nolan films over-hyped? Fuck yeah they were. You’d be crazy to think they weren’t. Are they overrated? It depends. If you said they’re the best Batman movies in the last 20 years, I’d say no. If you said they’re the best Batman movies of ALL TIME, I’d say yes. Don’t get me, I love these movies. I can’t wait to see what they do for the last one. But Burton’s Batman and Nolan’s Batman are two different creatures. They have different motivations, different thematic styles, and totally different types of actors playing them. I appreciate them both for what each of them are.

And on the whole Gotham City != Chicago; would you prefer a shitty sound stage version of Gotham? Let’s face it, Gotham takes elements of New York, a helping of Chicago, a dash of Detroit, and sprinkle of Pittsburgh too. I wish they used a little more of a “New York flavor” but overall I’m pretty happy how they handled it.

Batman was sorely in need of a reboot to get away from the mess that happened in the mid 90’s, and this movie was able to completely do that.

By: rigby127 Sun, 30 Oct 2011 04:35:09 +0000 The Dark Knight is awesome. Can’t wait to see The Dark Knight Rises in 9 months.