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Ryan / June 30th, 2008

6/30/08 I made a live appearance at Digital Press game store in Clifton, NJ. The place was packed! Signed autographs, played a game tournament, picked up some games… everything went over very well. See more pictures. Also, an epic battle took place in the parking lot with a live audience: AVGN VS. NOSTALGIA CRITIC VS. CAPTAIN S See the video on Stay tuned for the followups on cinemassacre. 6/27/08 New AVGN video! Flash Quicktime Windows 6/26/08

I appeared on G4’s Attack of the Show. Check it out:
6/26/08 The new Nerd video should be coming up very soon, literally any time now. If it was up to me, they would be up,every 2 weeks,on schedule, but I don’t have much control over when they get released. So, just hang in there. 6/25/08 Texas trip The Iron Man of Gaming event went well. I signed a ton of autographs, took pictures with fans, did a Q&A, and auctioned some of my AVGN props for charity, the Get Well Gamers Foundation. The props were: a Nerd shirt, one of several worn in the videos; the bald skin cap, worn as Uncle Fester in my Fester’s Quest video; and the beard worn as the old Nerd of the future in the Christmas Carol video. I would’ve brought more, but I couldn’t fit much in my luggage. Next appearance, this saturday! at Digital Press, video game store, 387 Piaget Ave, Clifton, NJ 07011 If you want me to autograph something, you can bring it. You can get pictures with me. Whatever, we’re just hanging out. I’ll be playing some good ol’ gaming action with PBC Productions at 6pm. You can arrive whenever you’d like; I THINK I’ll be there between 2pm and 8pm. AVGN action figures, a proposition It’s also been brought to my attention, a hilarious article on, proposing the idea of AVGN action figures.Great ideas, I’m all for it! Nintendo’s front page? I’ve also appeared on the front page of! (Norwegian) It’s a survey. English translation: “Have you ever played any of the games the avgn has reviewed?”


A really nice article
about me just came to my attention. Read it here.

This reminds me. I plan to respond to some of my interview requests by the end of the summer. I have a ton of interview requests saved in my inbox dating as far back to January. I just got really overwhelmed and was too busy to schedule anything. Mostly, I’ve just been doing text-based interviews since I can do them at my leisure. But basically, I just wanted to say it’s great that so many websites / radio shows want to talk to me, but I’ve just been too busy. So if you’ve been waiting, I apologize, and if you think I may not be interested, I’m just taking an extremely long time to get back to you.


Rare college clip (2003).
James Rolfe Introduces Bootsy Spankins, P.I.

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