Red Label Atari 2600 carts – Mike’s Collection

Mike Matei / April 16th, 2008

Orange = I own it

Grey = I don’t own it


Atari 2600 Red Label Games

Asteroids – PAL
Basketball – PAL
Battlezone – PAL
Bugs Bunny – Reproduction
Centipede – PAL
Crystal Castles – PAL
Dark Chambers
Defender II
Desert Falcon
Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr
Double Dunk
Fatal Run – PAL
Ikari Warriors
Ikari Warriors – PAL
Joust – PAL
Jr. Pac-Man (1988 Darker Red Version)
Jr. Pac-Man (1987 lighter red Version)
Jungle Hunt – PAL
Klax – PAL
Mario Bros. – PAL
Midnight Magic
Millipede – PAL Maroon cover with Rainbow about title and black end label
Millipede – PAL Red end label
Moon Patrol – PAL
MotoRodeo – PAL
Mouse Trap
Off the Wall
Pole Position – PAL
Radar Lock
Realsports Boxing
Realsports Soccer – PAL
Realsports Tennis – PAL
Realsports Volleyball – PAL
Road Runner
Secret Quest
Solaris – PAL (has a color picture)
Solaris (black and white picture)
Space Invaders
Super Baseball
Super Football
Yars’ Revenge – PAL RED LABEL RARE
Yars’ Revenge

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