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Ryan / February 18th, 2008


I visited the house & stairs from
The Exorcist!

And from the Smithsonian:
C3PO & R2D2
Ruby slippers, Scarecrow costume & screenplay from
The Wizard of OZ
Technicolor movie camera from 1938
Vintage video games:
Odyssey & The Brown Box

At that very moment, I was bidding on an Odyssey on Ebay, but I forgot to check the auction. What a reminder to see one behind glass!




Movies That Rhyme

You Know What’s Bullshit (part 7)


* The new video was supposed to go up last night, but there was just a little misunderstanding. It’s no big deal, and everything’s cool. It’ll go up next week (Feb 20th). Sorry about the wait. It’ll be worth it. The new video’s 15 minutes long.


* Has it been 2 weeks? Well don’t worry; the new nerd video is in the works. Between business, personal life and other projects, it’s just been taking a while to finish. It’s one that I’ve been planning for a long time. I bet you all know what it is.

* I’ve been busy finishing a documentary that will premiere at the Philadelphia Film Festival this April. More info on that later.

* People keep asking what’s up with my YouTube stats. Yes, I’m fully aware. I am still the #8 Most Subscribed Channel of All Time. I have 95,479 subscribers, which aren’t going anywhere, but for whatever reason, my honors aren’t showing at the very moment. I don’t know what it is, it could be just a glitch.

* I’ve also been busy re-editing my 17 minute horror film, The Deader The Better, down to 3 minutes for George Romero’s Diary of the Dead contest. I know a lot of you might not be interested in horror films, but regardless, if you want to do me the biggest favor you possibly can, then please vote for my film. The contest seems a bit confusing, but I think all you have to do is rank my video (and I just send a message to the Diary of the Dead Myspace with a link to the video). The top 10 ranked films will be watched and judged by George Romero himself! In case you don’t know, he’s the great grandfather of the zombie film genre (“Night of the Living Dead” (1968), “Dawn of the Dead” (1978)… etc.) The winning video will be featured on the Diary of the Dead DVD. Just the idea of one of my all time favorite directors taking a look at my work is a dream come true. Please help make it happen and vote for The Deader the Better!

If you’re curious to see the full 17 minute version,
The Deader the Better

As always, go to my Films page, to see the rest of my work.

A buffalo from the Museum of Natural History.


Top 10 Giant Movie Monsters!


Hey, I got out to the movies quite a bit lately and paid $10 for the first time on a ticket. For a few dollars more, you can own the DVD, so I really smell the death of movie theaters in the near future, sad to say. But anyway, here are my thoughts on Cloverfield and the new Rambo.


New Video! RAMBO, go watch it.


In memory of 1950’s TV horror hostess

(December 21, 1921 – January 10, 2008)

So here’s a video I made back in 2002 which might be appropriate. Okay, well it’s not a Vampira tribute, it’s an Ed Wood tribute, but close enough.


I was on the Opie and Anthony show (national radio!)
Thanks to the many fans who sent me the clip. (listen)

The show:




Dear MagFest Attendees: BAD NEWS

Since the day after Christmas, I’ve been really sick. My throat is all fucked up, and I got the shakes. I expected to feel better by MagFest, but instead, it’s just getting worse and worse. Today, I have no voice, so I couldn’t even speak to do a Q&A. It’s also ruining production on the next episode; I’ll have to be the Angry Sign-Language Video Game Nerd.

Anyway, that’ll be taken care of, because I have an unreleased video ready to go, which is my trump card, my last resort. But to all those attending MagFest, maybe you’ll see me, maybe you won’t. I’m trying to stay in bed and feel better. Anyone coming all the way there to get an autograph by me or anything, I’m real sorry that this has happened. It’s disappointing me, just as much as you. I was really looking forward to coming down. It’s not like I make public appearances very often, so it’s a real downer that I have to get sick for the holidays and MagFest. It’s just my luck.

Hope you enjoy MagFest, with or without me.



Looking back at last year, here are the Top 10 AVGN moments of 2007!

I’ve been interviewed on It’s a good one.

They also reviewed my zombie film The Deader the Better.

I’ll also be appearing at MagFest on Friday. I’ll probably conduct a Q&A or screen some Nerd videos and maybe show some new outtakes. There’s no definite, announced time. I would say, get there early. More info at

Just a little something to spread some holiday joy. A review of the cult classic,


So I’ve had plenty of interviews lately. Here’s the latest.

Interview on ThisWeekInGeek, CRNC 90.1 FM The Heat (I’m around the 44 minute mark)

Interview on Shamoozal radio (I’m at the 12 minute mark.)

Interview on by Brian Fontenot

Article in Rutgers-Newark Newspaper “The Observer.”

I’ve also been in touch with Opie & Anthony, so if you listen to their show, stay tuned because I will be dropping by sometime soon.

Also, I’ve gotten many AVGN Christmas-related songs sent in. Check’em out.

We wish you a nerdy christmas
We wish you a nerdy christmas
We wish you a nerdy christmas
What a shitload of fuck

He’s playin’ these games
so you don’t have to
These games are all fucked up, what a shitload of fuck!

He shows us the shitty games
He shows us the shitty games
He shows us the shitty games
And a flask filled with beer

He won’t stop untill he breaks them
He won’t stop untill he breaks them
He won’t stop untill he breaks them
Or takes a shit on the game

We wish you a nerdy christmas
We wish you a nerdy christmas
We wish you a nerdy christmas
What a shitload of fuck
G1 Bastard Gamer

On the twelfth day of Christmas,
Miyamoto sent to me
Twelve Roll n Rockers,
Eleven Silver Surfers,
Ten Froggers Leaping,
Nine Shaq Fu’s Sucking,
Eight Dr. Jekylls,
Seven Rob the Robots,
Six Planes a-crashing,
Five Power Pads,
(Monkey Cheez!)
Four Sega Saturns,
Three Ghost-bust-ers,
Two turtle vans,
And a Power Glove under the tree!
(Shit Pickle.) Mike Matei

On the twelfth day of Nerdmas,
my ass games shit on me
Awesome fame for life,
Crazy douchebag fanboys,
Some buffalo turds of Simpsons games,
A never ending elm street nightmare,
Shit pickle for a partner,
A shitty hero named Fester,
A rock you throw over baddies,
Bible games that suck my balls,
A fucking huge 5200,
A Drunkard who smelled like piss,
Shitty Simon’s quest,
And a bowel movement on Bugs Bunny!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, our anger gave us thee,
12 airplane crashes
11 bat hits to die
10 bowling balls
9 32X games
8 Atari (5200) controllers
7 ballpoint pens
6 Silver Surfer Stages
5 shitloads of fuck!
4 Ninja Turtles
3 Powergloves
2 McKids
and bugs bunny KOed in the kitchen!

New Video: AVGN Christmas Carol (Part 1 of 2) Part 2 will be up Christmas Eve.

An old film of mine from 1997, never completed. Now for its 10 year anniversary, it gets a final edit and restoration, thanks to Conrad Studios.
Featuring music from Brand X.

At the moment I type this, Led Zeppelin is performing their first full concert since 27 years ago! This is the most historical music event of my lifetime, but it’s a shame that there’s no TV/radio or pay-per-view to air it. After all, it is a benefit concert and would probably raise more money if they put it on pay-per-view. Hopefully, a DVD or better yet, a tour will come out of it, but we can only hope. Otherwise, that’s why bootlegs get made, and it’s unfortunate.

Interview on Sega Sonic Radio. (I’m at the 1 hour, 18 minute mark.)

Interview on IGN. (subscription needed)

AVGN fan fiction by Charles Xavier

Page on Pretty funny.

CNN Headline News aired “You Know What’s Bullshit, episode #2 – Pennies” on “News to Me.” Check it out!

And also, the AVGN Christmas episode will most likely be released in two parts, and before Christmas for sure, so hang in there, it’s on the way.

AVGN DVD back in stock – sold out again – back in stock again – Wow!
Also, new interview with the Nerd up on FLAREGAMER.COM

New video, celebrating some of my favorite movie villains.


Not really news, but here’s a couple classic CineMassacre films again:
“Legend of the Blue Hole”

But don’t worry, this Thursday, November 29th, they’ll be up and running again.

Got the audio from the Opie and Anthony show when they talk about my Atari Porn video! (Thanks again Mike). Check it out!

First of all, to quote a line from Rocky II, “I jus’ got a little married, y’know.”

Then got back from a vacation and look at all the stuff that’s happened while I’ve been away.

* First of all, the new video is up!

* Second, we’ve been on Spike TV!

* Then… I don’t want to jinx it, but it looks like I finally have a Wikipedia page page. Let’s see how long it takes before it gets deleted.

* Then, I noticed another nice article about me.

* Also, a recent interview from interview from VGXPO 2007“> has surfaced, done by PBC Productions.

* And last, but certainly not least, the biggest news we’ve all been waiting for:

The price is $18.98. Within the U.S., there’s a flat shipping rate of $7.00. Outside the U.S, the shipping rate can vary. Keep in mind, the DVDs are packed with 4 hours of content.

THE BAD NEWS – The movie clips used in the Back to the Future and Rocky reviews have been removed, as well as any other videos that had copyrighted content, including music. I know that may be disappointing, but it would be our ass getting sued, not yours. The internet is one thing, but when you’re selling it, it can be a different story. Just wanted to end that debate before it starts.

THE GOOD NEWS – To make up for anything that I removed from the videos, I put new stuff in! The Wally bear and Rocky videos have new endings! The Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street videos have a new original soundtrack by Justin Sobers ( and it sounds much better!


Castlevania 2: Simon’s Quest
Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde
Karate Kid
Roger Rabbit
Back to the Future
Wally Bear
Master Chu
Top Gun
Double Dragon 3

The full 2 minute intro
Duck Tales (Video Game Vault)
Top 10 Nerd Moments (2006)
The Fuck Reel (everytime I said “Fuck” up til Bible Games)
A Deleted Scene from Chronologically Confused
The Anger Begins
What Was I Thinking? (The un-released 13 minute AVGN documentary)

* NOTE * I’d like people to know that the documentary is from January 2007, so comments expressed DO NOT reflect any current events.

Friday the 13th
Nightmare on Elm Street
Power Glove
Chronologically Confused
Bible Games

The original ANN intro
The Toilet video
The GT interview
Wii Salute (History of Video Game Wars)
Outtakes (about 14 minutes)
The Shit Reel (Everytime I say “Shit” up til Bible Games)
Music VIdeo Tribute by Dustin Aßmuteit
A Fan Art Gallery

NO NEW VIDEOS? – Many people are wondering why none of the videos from 2007 are included. Well, that’s already about 4 hours worth of content right there. Yes, we are planning to release the new videos on DVD eventually. But FIRST, let’s get the old ones out.

Anyway, that’s the news, if you’re someone who helped with the DVD and I already promised you a copy, it will be on the way as soon as I get them. For those who apply, Happy Thanksgiving, and see ya later.

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