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Ryan / November 7th, 2007

I am getting married this weekend and will be on vacation for most of the month. After Thanksgiving, I’ll be catching up, which means there won’t be any updates on the site for a while. I may not even be checking emails. If you’re waiting for a response, it could take at least a month.

Oh yes, and the new Nerd video will go up by the end of November.

Well, it’s a fan film from BraxtanFilm. But, it’s feature length and pretty awesome, go check it out!

The final review for this October’s Monster Madness series

10/31/07 – New ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD Video!

10/30/07 – Review of the day

10/29/07 – Review of the day

Lance Weiler has a new film out called Head Trauma. Check it out!

10/28/07 – Review of the day

10/27/07 – Review of the day

10/26/07 – Review of the day

10/25/07 – Review of the day

10/24/07 – Review of the day

10/23/07 – Review of the day

10/22/07 – Review of the day


Made a T-shirt, just for shits and giggles.

Monster Madness by TheCinemassacre
Get this custom shirt at Zazzle

10/21/07 – Review of the day

Happy Birthday, Bela Lugosi.
He came to the USA hoping to play romantic hero characters, but,instead, he would be cast as foreign villains and,of course, being typecast as Dracula. Lugosi just went along with the whole thing, embraced his fans and took the Dracula cape to his grave, literally. It’s sort of like how I’ve accidentally stumbled upon fame as the Angry Video Game Nerd. Things happen by surprise,and you take what you get. In a more generic sense, it’s like you just take what life gives you and enjoy. With that being said, CineMassacre salutes the one and only

10/20/07 – Review of the day

10/19/07 – Review of the day

My childhood has come full circle! In an interview with Ernie Hudson. AVGN is mentioned!

10/19/07 – Review of the day

10/19/07 – Review of the day

10/17/07 – Review of the day

10/16/07 – Review of the day

10/15/07 – Review of the day

10/14/07 – Review of the day

10/13/07 – Review of the day

10/12/07 – Review of the day

Well it’s not Friday the 13th, but close enough, right?
Let’s take a look back at last year’s Friday the 13th video with audio commentary by James and Mike.

10/11/07 – Review of the day

10/10/07 – New ANGRY VIDEO GAME NERD Video!

10/10/07 – Review of the day

10/9/07 – Review of the day

10/8/07 – Review of the day

10/7/07 – Review of the day

Check it out.

10/6/07 – Review of the day

I lend my voice as Leo in a Ninja Turtles TURTLEMENTARY. (the part where he’s playing TMNT 3 on NES)

10/5/07 – Review of the day

10/4/07 – Review of the day

10/3/07 – Review of the day

10/2/07 – Review of the day

10/1/07 – Review of the day

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For this Halloween season, I’ll be posting reviews of horror movies EVERY DAY in October! They’ll roughly be in chronological order as I’ll be taking you from the past to the present. Just subscribe to my “Cinemassacre” YouTube account.


Spotlight on The Jersey Odysseys, Episode 1: LEGEND OF THE BLUE HOLE. I made this film as a pilot episode for a series based on urban legends in New Jersey. This was before I gained worldwide internet fame as the Angry Video Game Nerd, so the series has been on halt for some time, but in the future, I plan on making more.

Check it out.


New Angry Video Game Nerd video! Fester’s Quest.


Interview from the Ron Show up on


NEW VIDEO! This is for everyone who remembers Nintendo Power.


Spotlight on a movie I made many summers ago.
Cinemaphobia (2001)

A Surreal portrayal of a film actor suffering from his work. If you haven’t seen this one before, check it out. It’s a classic of mine.

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