Mike’s Atari 2600 Collection (By company)

Mike Matei / June 10th, 2007


The Atari 2600 is a complicated system to collect for. For basic collectors, my main list of NTSC games released in the US can be seen here. This page is a list of every Atari game organized by game manufacturer. This is more for hardcore collectors who want every game released in every country. While I do have some boxed games, for the time being I mainly collect loose carts.

Orange = Games I own

20th Century Fox
Fox Video Games was a subsidiary of Twentieth Century Fox and was an attempt by the company to cash in on the lucrative video game market.

Alligator People
Bank Heist
Benny Bopper
Crash Dive
Crypts Of Chaos
Deadly Duck
Fantastic Voyage
Fast Eddie
Flash Gordon
Mega Force
Revenge Of The Beefsteak Tomotes
Space Master
The Earth Dies Screaming
Worm War 1

Absolute Entertainment
Founded by former Activision employee Garry Kitchen, Absolute was a latecomer to the Atari videogame scene.
Pete Rose Baseball
Skate Boarding
Tital Match
Tomcat F-14 Fighter Sim

Founded in 1979, Activision was the first ever third party software company for the Atari 2600.
Boxing -blue
Chopper Command
Chopper Command -blue
Cosimic Commuter
Double Dragon
Fighter Pilot
Fishing Derby
Ghostbusters -blue
Ghostbusters 2
Grand Prix
Grand Prix-blue
Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey-blue
Keystone Kapers-blue
Keystone Kapers (complete)
Kung Fu Master-blue
Kung Fu Master (complete)
Laser Blast (complete)
Megamania (complete)
Megamania-blue (cart) PAL
Oink! (complete)
Pitfall (complete)
Pitfall-blue (cart) PAL
Pitfall 2 (complete)
Plaque Attack (complete)
Pressure Cooker (complete)
Private Eye (complete)
Rampage (complete)
Rampage-blue (cart, instructions) PAL
River Raid (complete)
River Raid-blue (cart)
River Raid 2 (complete)
Robot Tank (complete)
Robot Tank-blue (cart) PAL
SeaQuest (complete)
Skiing (complete)
Sky Jinks (complete)
Space Shuttle-blue (cart) PAL
Space Shuttle (complete)
Spider Fighter (complete)
Stampede (complete)
Star Master (complete)
Tennis (complete)

Answer Software
Although they had big plans, Answer Software only released a handful of games. All of their titles are very difficult to find. It should be noted that Gauntlet has nothing to do with the Atari Games arcade game of the same name.
Gauntlet (cart, instructions)
Malagai (complete)

American Video
American Video only released one game, Tax Avoiders. This unusual game was actually written by an IRS accountant.
Tax Avoiders (complete)

Former Atari employee Jay Miner founded Amiga in 1982. Only two games were officially released by Amiga for the Atari 2600, although they also released a controller and peripheral.
Mogual Maniac (complete)
Off Your Rocker (cart) Prototype
Surf’s Up (cart) Copy

“Games by Apollo” was one of the earliest third-party developers for the 2600.
Final Approach (complete)
Guardian (complete)
Infiltrate-brown (complete)
Infiltrate-blue (complete)
LOCHJAW (complete)
Lost Luggage-blue (complete)
Lost Luggage-green (cart)
Racquetball (complete)
Shark Attack-blue (complete)
Skeet Shoot (complete)
Space Canyon-blue (complete)
Space Canyon-red (complete)
Space Chase (complete)
Wabbit (complete)

Apple Vision

4 IN 1 (cart) PAL

Arcadia / Starpath
Starpath is one of the true bright spots in the history of the 2600. Founded in 1981 with the name Arcadia Corporation, they soon changed their name to Starpath for Copyright reasons.
Communist Mutants from Space (complete)
Dragon Stomper (complete)
Dragonstomper (demo tape)
Escape From Mind Master (complete)
Fire Ball (complete)
Frogger (complete)
Killer Satellites (complete)
Labyrinth (Prototype tape)
Party Mix (complete)
Phaser Patrol (complete)
Rabbit Transit (complete)
Suicide Mission (complete)
Survival Island (complete)
Sweat (tape) Copy
Sword of Saros (tape, instructions)

The big daddy of classic videogame companies. Atari had the first mass-market programmable videogame console with the Atari 2600. They produced hundreds of games for dozens of console and computer systems.
16 in 1
32 in 1
3-d Tic Tac Toe
Action pak
Air Sea Battle
Alpha Beam With Ernie
Asteroids (red )
ASTRIX (cart) Prototype
ASTRIX (complete)
Atari 2800 Missle Cmmand (complete)
Atari 2800 Raiders of the Lost Ark (complete) SW
Atari Back to School pak (complete)
Atari Racing pak (complete)
Atari Video Cube (complete)
Backgammon (complete)
Basic Math (complete)
Basic Progamming (complete)
Basketball (complete)
BattleZone (complete)
BattleZone-red (complete)
Berzerk (complete)
Big Birds Egg Catch (complete)
Black Jack (complete)
BMX Airmaster (complete)
Bowling (complete) b/w box
Bowling (complete)
Brain Games (complete)
Breakout (complete)
Canyon Bomber (complete) b/w box
Canyon Bomber (complete)
Casino (complete)
Centipede (complete)
Championship Soccer (complete)
Circus Atari (complete)
Codebreaker (complete)
Combat (complete)
Combat Two (complete)
Concentration (complete)
Cookie Monster Munch (complete)
Crazy Climber (complete)
Crossbow (complete)
Crystal Castles (complete)
Dark Chambers (complete)
Defender (complete)
Defender 2 (complete)
Demon to Diamonds (complete)
Demonds to Diamonds (complete) b/w box
Desert Falcon (complete)
Diagnostic Cartridge (cart, instructions)
Dig Dug (complete)
Dig Dug red (complete)
Dodge’em (complete)
Donald Duck (cart) Copy
Donald Duck (cart) Prototype
Donkey Kong (complete)
Donkey Kong Jr. (complete)
Double Dunk (complete)
Dukes of Hazzard (cart) Prototype
Dumbo (cart) Prototype
E.T. (complete)
Elevator Action (complete)
Fatal Run (complete)
Flag Capture (complete)
Football (complete)
Frog Pond (cart) Prototype
Fun With Numbers (complete)
Galaxian (complete)
Golf (complete)
Gravitar (complete)
Gravitar-red (complete)
Gremlinstructions (complete)
Hangman (complete)
Haunted House (complete)
Home Run (complete)
Human Cannonball (complete)
Hunt & Score (complete)
Ikari Warriors (complete)
Indy 500 (complete)
Joust (complete)
Jr Pac Man (complete)
Jungle Hunt (complete)
Kangroo (complete)
Klax (complete)
Krull (complete)
Mario Bros-red (cart) PAL
Mario Brothers (complete)
Math Grand Prix (complete)
Maze Craze (16) (complete)
Maze Craze (256) (complete)
Midnight Magic (complete)
Millipede (complete)
MINDLINK (cart) Prototype
Miniature Golf (complete)
Miss Piggy Wedding (cart) Copy
Missile Command (complete)
MONSTER CISE (cart) Prototype
Moon Patrol (complete)
Motorodeo (complete)
Mouse Trap (complete)
MS. Pac Man (complete)
Mystique Beat’em Eat’em (cart) Prototype
Night Driver (complete)
OBELIX (cart) Prototype
Obelix (complete)
Off The Wall (complete)
Oscar’s Trash Race (complete)
Othello (complete)
Outlaw (complete)
Pac Man (complete)
PEEK A BOO (cart) Prototype
Pele’s Soccer (complete)
Pengo (complete)
Pepsi Invaders (complete)
Phoenix (complete)
Pigs in Space (complete)
Pole Position (complete)
Q*Bert-red (complete)
QUADRUN (complete)
Rader Lock (complete)
Raiders of the Lost Ark (complete)
Realsports Baseball (complete)
Realsports Boxing (complete)
Realsports Football (complete)
Realsports Soccer-Football (complete)
Realsports Socer (complete)
Realsports Tennis (complete)
Realsports Volleyball (complete)
Road Runner (complete)
Rubik’s Cube (complete)
Saboteur (complete)
Secret Quest (complete)
Sentinel (complete)
Sinistar (cart) Prototype
Sky Diver (complete)
Slot Machine (complete)
Slot Racers (complete)
Snoopy & the Red Baron (complete)
Solaris (complete)
Sorcerer’s Apprentice (complete)
Space Invaders (complete)
Space Invaders-red (complete)
Space War (complete)
Sprint Master (complete)
Star Gate (complete)
Star Raiders (complete)
Star Ship (complete)
Street Racer (complete)
Super Baseball (complete)
Super Breakout (complete)
Super Football (complete)
SuperMan (complete)
Surround (complete)
SwordQuest EarthWorld (complete)
SwordQuest FireWorld (complete)
SwordQuest WaterWorld (complete)
Taz (complete)
Track & Field (complete)
VanGuard (complete)
Venture (complete)
Vide Checkers (complete)
Video Chess (complete)
Video Olympics (complete)
Video Pinball (complete)
Warlords (complete)
Wizard (cart, box) Copy
Xenophobe (complete)
XEVIOUS (cart) Prototype
Yars’ Revenge (complete)
Yars’ Revenge-red (complete)

Arte Vision

River Raid (cart) PAL


2 in 1 (complete) PAL
32 in 1 (cart) PAL
Pengo (cart) PAL
Sex Man (cart) PAL

Auto Game

Kangroo (cart)

Avalon Hill
Avalon Hill was a traditional board-game company, and they jumped into the 2600 scene at a very late date. By the time they shipped their first game, the market was saturated and retailers had slashed orders.
Death Trap (complete)
Londn Blitz (complete)
Out Of Control (complete)
Shuttle Orbiter (complete)
Wall Ball (complete)

Bally / Midway

Spy Hunter (complete)
Tapper (complete)
Up ‘n’ Down (complete)

Beagle Brothers

Enduro (cart)

Bit Corp

Bobby Geht Heim (cart) PAL
Mission 3000 (cart) PAL
Mr. Postman (cart) PAL
Phantom Tank (cart) PAL
Phantom Panzer (cart) PAL
Schnecke Und Eichhornchen (cart) PAL
See Monster (cart) PAL
Tanzende Teller (cart) PAL
Weltraum-Tunnel (cart) PAL

Bomb titles are very difficult to find in the US due to limited distribution, although they are easier to find outside of the US in PAL format.
Assault (complete)
DC-2 (complete) PAL
Great Escape (complete)
Wall Defender (complete)
Z Tack (complete)

Canal 3

2 n 1 (cart)

Carrere Video

Commando Raid (complete) PAL
Eggomania (cart, instructions) PAL
Gopher (cart) PAL
Infernal tower (cart, box) PAL
M.A.D (cart) PAL
Octopus (complete) PAL
Picnic (complete) PAL
Space Jockey (cart) PAL
Sneak’n Peek (cart) PAL

CBS Electronics
CBS Video joined the list of Atari 2600 publishers in 1982 and began by licensing high profile arcade games from companies such as Bally (Wizard of Wor, Gorf).
Blue Print (complete) PAL
Blue Print (complete)
Carnival (complete)
Donkey Kong (complete) PAL
Gorf (complete)
Mountain King (complete)
Mouse Trap (complete) PAL
Mr. Do! (complete) PAL
Omega Race (complete)
Roc ‘n’ Rope (complete)
Smurf (complete) PAL
Solar Fox (complete) PAL
Solar Fox (complete)
Tunnel Runner (complete)
Wizard of WOR (complete)
Wizard of WOR (complete) PAL

CCE is a Brazilian company specializing in cheap electronics, computer clones, and black-market videogames. They were a prolific publisher of Atari 2600 games and even produced their own clone console, the Supergame VG-2800.
A Misterious Theif (complete) PAL
Air Raiders (cart) PAL
Amphibious War (cart) PAL
Atlantis (complete) PAL
Bank Heist (cart) PAL
Benny Bopper (cart) PAL
Bingo (cart) PAL
Bobby is Going Home (cart) PAL
bobby is going Home (cart color) PAL
Boom Bang (cart) PAL
Boxing (cart) PAL
Chopper Command (cart) PAL
Command Raid (cart) PAL
Condor Attack (cart) PAL
Cosmic Ark (cart) PAL
Crackpots (complete) PAL
Demon Attack (cart) PAL
Dodge’em (cart) PAL
Donkey Kong (cart) PAL
Donkey Kong Jr. (cart) PAL
Dragon Treasure (complete) PAL
Duck Fighting (cart) PAL
Enduro (cart) PAL
Fast Eddie (cart) PAL
Fisher Price (cart) PAL
Football (cart) PAL
Fortress Defense (cart) PAL
Frogger (complete) PAL
Grand Prix (cart) PAL
Immies & Aggies (cart) PAL
JawBreaker (complete) PAL
Jungle Hunt (cart) PAL
Keystone Kapers (cart) PAL
Laser Gate (cart) PAL
Mario’s Bros. (cart) PAL
Mario Bros (cart white) PAL
M.A.S.H (cart) PAL
Megamania (cart) PAL
Mission 3000 (cart) PAL
Moon Patrol (cart) PAL
Mouse Trap (cart) PAL
Mr. Postman (cart) PAL
Mr. Postman (cart color) PAL
Open Sesame (cart) PAL
Othelo (cart) PAL
Pac Man (cart, instructions) PAL
Phantom Tank (cart) PAL
Phoenix (cart) PAL
Pimball (cart) PAL
Pitfall (cart) PAL
Pizza Chef (cart) PAL
Plant Patrol (cart) PAL
Pole Position (cart) PAL
Q Bert (cart) PAL
Radar (cart) PAL
River Raid (cart) PAL
Robot Attack (cart) PAL
Sea Monster (cart) PAL
SeaQuest (cart) PAL
Smurf (cart) PAL
Sneak ‘n’ Peak (cart) PAL
Space Invaders (cart) PAL
Space Jockey (cart) PAL
Space Tunnle (cart) PAL
Spider Fighter (cart) PAL
Squirrel (cart) PAL
Star Voyager (cart) PAL
Star War (cart) PAL
Stone Age (cart) PAL
Super Tennis (cart) PAL
Superman (cart) PAL
Tank (complete) PAL
Target Practice (cart) PAL
Tennis (cart) PAL
Time Warp (cart) PAL
Turmoil (cart) PAL
Wizard Of Wor (cart) PAL
Worm War 1 (cart) PAL
Zaxxon (cart) PAL


2 in 1 (cart) PAL

Coleco, otherwise known as the Connecticut Leather Company, not only made their own system but also released games for other systems such as the Atari 2600.
Berenstain Bears (complete)
Carnival (complete)
Doney Kong (complete)
Donkey Kong Jr. (complete)
Front Line (complete)
Mouse Trap (complete)
Mr. Do (complete)
Roc ‘n’ Rope (complete)
Smurf Rescue in Garamel’s Castle (complete)
Smurf Saves the Day (complete)
Time Pilot (complete)
Venture (complete)
Zaxxon (complete)

Originally going by the name Computer Magic, CommaVid is one of the more interesting software companies of the classic era. All of their cartridges are difficult to find, most notably MagiCard.
Cakewalk (complete)
Cosmic Swarm (complete)
MAGICARD (complete)
Mines of Minos (complete)
Room of Doom (complete)
Rush Hour (complete)
Stronghold (complete)
VIDEO LIFE (complete)


Plante patrol (complete) PAL


4 in 1 (cart) PAL
4 in 1 (cart) PAL
4 in 1 (complete) PAL
4 in 1 (complete) PAL
Enduro (complete)
Pac Man (complete)

Data Age
Data Age was founded in 1982 and got off to a strong start, but it didn’t last. They initially had some interesting original titles but then made some very bad high profile games.
Airlock (complete)
Bermuda Triangle (complete)
Bugs (complete)
Encounter at L 5 (complete)
Frankenstein’s Monster (complete)
Journey Escape (complete)
Secret Agent (cart)
SSSnake (complete)
Warplock (complete)


Beamrider (cart) PAL


Skiing (cart) PAL
Freeway (complete) PAL


4 in 1 (cart) PAL


Moonsweeper (complete) PAL
Smurf/Donald Duck (complete) PAL

Dismac Video Game

X-MAN (cart)


4 in 1 (cart)


Mega Boy (cart) PAL
MegaCart 32 (complete) PAL
Mash/b Triangle (cart)


X-man (complete) PAL


Break Down (cart) PAL
Jumping Jack (cart) PAL
Laser Loop (cart) PAL
Orbit Base (cart) PAL

Ebivision are Eric Bacher and Igor Barzilai, a French duo who have created several games for the 2600. Ebivision has released new titles at gaming expos over the years where they usually sell out very quickly.
Alfred Challenge (complete)
Allia Quest (complete) #51
Escape from Supercade (cart)
Merlin’s Wall (complete)
Pesco (complete)
Pac-Man (complete)
Power Off (complete)

Edu Games

8 In 1 (cart)
8 In 1 (cart)
8 In 1 (cart)
8 In 1 (cart)
79999 Demostraction (complete)
Pitufo (cart)

Epyx was primarily a computer software company, but they made a few games for the 2600 and 7800. Unlike most other companies however, Epyx released their games after the crash, in 1987.
California Games (complete)
Summer Games (complete)
Winter Games (complete)


4 In 1 (complete) PAL

Exus released only two Atari 2600 games, but at least they were different. Video Jogger and Video Reflex were sold with the Foot Craz Activity Pad, a peripheral similar to the Nintendo Power Pad.
Video Jogger (complete)
Video Reflex (complete)

Fantastic Game

32 In 1 (cart) PAL
UFO Patrol (cart) PAL

First Star
Founded in 1982, First Star was only involved with a few games for the Atari consoles. Boing! (2600) was the only cartridge they actually produced, although it is a good game.
Boing (complete)
Boing grip handle (cart only)
Boulder Dash (complete)

Froggo Games
In 1988, Froggo decided to get into the videogame publishing arena, deciding to go with the 2600 and 7800. For the 2600 they didn’t actually create their own games. They either re-released existing games or slightly modified them and gave them a new title.
Cruise Missile (complete)
Karate (complete)
Sea Hawk (complete)
Sea Hunt (complete)
Spider Droid (complete)
Task Force (complete)


Apriti, Sesamo (complete) PAL
Bobby Torna A Casa (complete) PAL
Carri Armati Fantasma (complete) PAL
La Chiocciola E Lo Scoiattolo (complete) PAL
Mission 3,000 A.D. (complete) PAL
Mr. Postman (complete) PAL
Piatto Danzante (complete) PAL


Earth Attack (cart) PAL
Fire Burg (cart) PAL
Galactic (cart) PAL
Hero & Beaty (cart) PAL
Pac Kong (cart) PAL
Sky Diver (cart) PAL
Time Race (cart) PAL


Marine Wars (cart) PAL
Pooyan (complete) PAL
Strategy X (complete) PAL

Game World

Airlock (cart) PAL
Bugs (complete)
Bermuda Triangle (cart, instructions) PAL
Encounter At L5 (cart) PAL
Frankenstein’s Monster (cart) PAL
Journey Escape (complete) PAL
Sssnake (cart) PAL
Warplock (cart, instructions) PAL


Gamma-Attack (cart, instructions)


X Man (complete)


Hero (cart) PAL


Astrowar (cart) PAL
Condor Attack (complete) PAL
Galactic (cart) PAL
Open Sesame (cart) PAL
Pac Kong (cart) PAL
Phantom Tank (cart) PAL
Sea Monster (cart) PAL
Space Raider (cart) PAL
Space Robot (cart) PAL
Space Tunnle (cart) PAL
Spider Kong (complete) PAL
Time Race (cart) PAL

Based in Sydney, Australia, Home Entertainment Suppliers was a distributor of unlicensed Atari 2600 games in the 80’s. They reissued single-game cartridges under their own name, but are more known for their multi-carts, which would often contain four or eight games per cartridge.
2pk Alien Force/ Hoppy (complete) PAL
2pk Boom Bang/Motocross (cart) PAL
2pk Cavern Blaster/Cit War (complete) PAL
2pk Challenge/Surfing (cart) PAL
2pk Dolphin/Pigs N Wolf (cart) PAL
2pk Plant Patrol/Wall Defender (cart) PAL
2pk Space Voyager/Fire Alert (complete) PAL
2pk Star Warrior/Frogger (complete) PAL
4pk (complete) PAL
Decathlon (complete) PAL
Donkey Kong Jr (complete) PAL
Dungeon Master/Creature Strike (complete) PAL
Go For The Gold (complete) PAL
My Golf (complete) PAL


Aussie Rally (complete) PAL
Galaxy Invader (complete) PAL

Homebrew Games
Homebrew is a term frequently applied to video games or other software produced by consumers to target proprietary hardware platforms not typically user-programmable or that use proprietary storage methods.
If you don’t follow the homebrew scene for classic gaming systems, you’ll be pleased to learn that hobbyists are hard at work creating new titles for your favorite systems.
2005 Minigame Multi-Cart (cart, instructions)
255 In 1 (cart) Onscrean Menu
256 In 1 (cart, instructions)
2pk Malagai/Gauntlet (complete)
3D Genesis (complete)
3D Ghost Attack (complete)
3D Havoc (complete)
4 CD Set
4k4u (cart, instructions)
A Better Pac Man (cart)
Actionauts (Complete #45)
Adventure Plus (cart)
Afb2 Adventure Ii (complete)
Afb2 Aquaventure (complete)
Afb2 Arcade Asteroids (complete)
Afb2 Arcade Pong (complete)
Afb2 Asteroids Deluxe (complete)
Afb2 Caverns Of Mars (complete)
Afb2 Lunar Lander (complete)
Afb2 Return To Haunted House (complete)
Afb2 Space Duel (complete)
Afb2 Wizard (complete)
Afb2 Yar’s Revenge (complete)
Air Sea Cattle (cart)
Alien Greed 4 (complete)
Alligator People (cart)
Androman (cart)
Another Adventure (complete)
Asses Of Fire (cart)
Astar (cart, instructions)
Asteroids DC+ (cart)
Asteroids Vector (cart)
Atari 30th Anniversary Cart (complete)
Atari Club (6 In 1) (cart)
Atari Shot (cart)
Atari Synthosaur (cart)
Atariage Holiday Cart 2003 (cart)
Atariage Holiday Cart 2004 (cart)
Atom Smasher (complete)
Atrix (cart) #3
Avalanche (cart)
Avcstec Challenge (complete) #7
Backfire (complete)
Balloon Protest (cart only)
Battlezone Tc (complete)
Bee-Ball (cart, instructions)
Berzerk w/Voice (cart, instructions)
Bionic Breakthrough (cart)
Blinky Goes Up (complete)
Blip Footbal (cart, instructions)
Bloody Human Freeway (cart)
Bobby Needs Food (cart)
Boggle (complete)
Boing 2600! 2.0 (cart, instructions)
Boing Amiga (cart)
Bomb on Pixel city (cart, instructions)
Bounce (cart)
Bouncin’ Baby Bunnies (complete)
Breast Cancer Cart (cart) #2
Brenstain Bears Tape On CD
Brokeback Atari (cart) #22
Bugs Bunny (complete)
Cabbage Patch Kids Aitp (cart)
Cabbage Patch Kids Aitp (complete) #1
Candy Catcher (complete)
Care Bears (complete)
Cat Trax (complete)
Cave In (cart, instructions)
CGE Adventures (complete)
Chetiry (complete)
Chunkout 2600 (complete) #3
CJAC 2010 (cart)
Climber 5 (cart, instructions)
Coke Wins Instructions (cart) Red Metalic Label
Coke Wins Instructions (complete)
Coke Wins Instructions + (cart)
Colours (cart)
Combat Redux (cart)
Combat Rock (cart)
Combat Two (cart)
Computer Chess (cart)
Confrontation (complete)
Connect The Dots (cart)
Conquest Of Mars (cart, instructions)
Console Wars (cart)
Cosmic Bowling (cart)
Cowlitz Gamers For Kids 2010 (cart)
Crack’ed (complete)
Crazy Balloon (cart, instructions)
Crazy Valet (cart) #35
Crazy Valet (cart) Cge2k1
Crazy Valet (cart) Philly
Cubis (cart)
Cute Dead Things (cart)
Cuttle Cart Underground (6 CD’s)
Deflector (cart, instructions) #2
Depth Charge (complete)
Destruction (cart, instructions) #9
Digital Press Donkey Kong (cart)
Donald Duck Speedboat (complete)
Doomzerk (cart)
Dragon Chase (cart, instructions)
Duck Attack (cart, incstructions)
Dumbo’s Flying Circus (complete)
Dune (complete)
Dungeon (complete)
Edtris (cart, instructions)
Elk Attack (cart)
Encaved (complete) (PAL,NTSC)
Endless Snow (complete)
Enigma Machine (cart)
Entity (complete)
Epic Adventure (complete)
Epic Adventure Demo (complete)
Escape From Supercade (cart)
ET Book Cart (cart, instructions)
ET Vs H.S.W (cart)
Euchre (cart, instructions)
Eurocon 2005 (cart)
Eurocon 2007 (cart, instructions)
Evil Magician (complete)
Exorcise (cart)
Extra Terrestrials (complete)
Falldown (cart, instructions)
Fat Albert (cart)
Flap Ping (cart, instructions)
Four-Play (cart, instructions)
Frog Pond-Green (complete)
Frog Pond-Red (complete)
Funky Fish (complete)
Futurama (cart, instructions)
Gamma-Attack (cart, instructions) #51
Garfield (complete)
Gate Racer 2 (cart)
General Re-Treat (cart)
Gingerbread Man #1(cart)
Globetrotter (complete) #R
Glorb (cart)
Go Fish (cart, instructions)
Good Luck, Charlie Brown! (complete)
Gosub 2 (complete)
Graz (cart)
Grover’s Music Machine (cart)
Grover’s Music Maker (complete)
Gunfight (complete)
H (cart) #21
Halloween (complete)
HALO 2600 (cart)
HALO 2600 2nd run (complete)
Happy Holidays 2003 (cart)
Harem (complete)
Haunted Adventure Se (complete) PAL
High Bid (cart)
Holey Moley (complete)
Homestar Runner RPG Demo (cart)
Hozer Promo (cart)
Hozerquest Thrifting Sim (cart, instructions)
Hunchy 2 (cart, instructions)
I Porject (complete)
Incoming! (cart, instructions)
Indy 500 XE (cart)
Indy 500 XE (cart, instructions)
Invader X Competition Cart (cart)
Invasion (cart)
Isiah’s Wii Chase (cart)
Ixion (2013) (complete)
Ixion (cart)
Jack and The Beanstalk (cart, instructions)
Jack and The Beanstalk 2nd run (cart only)
Jaws (cart, instructions)
Juno First (cart, instructions)
Jupiter Wars (cart)
Kaboom FF Edition (complete)
Kaboom Practice (cart)
Kamikale Saucers (cart)
Kite (complete)
KO Cruiser (cart, instructions)
Ladybug NWCGE 2k7 (complete) #1
Ladybug (complete)
Lasercade (complete)
Lasercade Red Set (complete)
Laserman 2K3 (cart only)
Laserman 88 (cart only)
LEAD (cart, instructions)
Led Head #2 (cart)
Lily Woods (cart, instructions)
Logo Demo (cart)
Looping (cart)
Looping (complete)
Maciver (cart, letter)
Mangia NTSC (cart)
Marble Craze (complete)
Mazy Match (cart)
Mcdonalds (cart)
Mean Santa #9 (complete)
Medieval Mayhem (cart, instructions)
MegaMan Demo (complete)
Melbourne Tatty (complete)
Meltdown (complete)
Mental Kombat #13 (complete)
Mental Kombat #13 (complete)
Mind Maze (cart)
Minesweeper (cart)
Miniature Golf + (cart)
Miniature Golf HD (cart)
Misadventures Revisited (cart)
Missile Command TB (cart)
Missile Control NTSC (complete)
Mission Survive NTSC (complete)
Mond Pong (cart)
Monitor Cart (cart)
Monster Cise (cart)
Mr Roboto (cart)
Muncher (cart)
Mystery Science Theater 2600 (cart, instructions)
Mystery Science Theater 2600 Ccag (complete)
N.E.R.D.S #20 (Complete)
N.E.R.D.S (complete)
Non-Tendo R.O.B. (cart)
NWCGE 2k4 (cart)
NWCGE Invaders (complete)
OSU: The Streak (cart, instructions)
Oystron (cart, instructions)
Pac Invaders (cart)
Pac-Man 4K (complete)
Pac-Man Arcade (cart)
Peek-A-Boo (cart)
Phantom 2 (cart, instructions)
Pick Up (complete)
Pink Floyd Adventure (cart)
Planet Of The Apes (cart)
Pleiades (complete)
Poker Squares (cart, instructions)
Polo (complete) #24
Polo (red complete) #36
Polybius (complete)
Pompeii (cart)
Power Lords (complete)
Power Off! (cart)
Pressure Gauge (complete)
Pressure Gauge Hozer (cart)
Prinecess Rescue (complete)
Pursuit of the Pink Panther (complete)
Pyramid War (cart)
Qb #1 Philly (cart)
Qb #63 & #14 SE (complete)
Rabbit Transit (cart)
Racer #26 (Complete)
Raster Fahndung (complete)
Real Donkey Kong (cart)
Real Sports Basketball (complete)
Red Sea Crossing (complete)
Red Vs Blue 2600 Wars (cart)
Reindeer Rescue (cart, instructions)
Rescue Bira Bira (cart, instructions)
Return Of Mario Bros. (cart)
Return Of The Jedi (NTSC Cart, instructions)
Revenge Of The Apes (complete)
Rime Of The Aneient Mariner (cart)
Road Warriors (complete) #1
Robot City (cart)
Rocky & Bullwinkle (cart)
Rocky & Bullwinkle (cart, box) #1
Rubik’s Cube 3d (complete) #87
Saboteur (complete)
Santas Helper (complete)
Save Mary (cart)
Save Our Ship (complete)
Save Our Ship (complete – wood box)
Save The Whales (complete)
Scsicide (cart, instructions) #7
Seaweed Assault (cart)
Seawolf (complete)
Shield Shifter (cart)
Shooting Acrade (cart)
Si Vector Wars (cart)
Sinistar (complete)
Skeleton (cart, instructions)
Skeleton+ (cart, instructions)
Skeleton+ (complete)
Sky Patrol (cart)
Smurfs Tape On CD
Snow White (complete)
Solar Plexus (cart, instructions)
Sound Paddle (cart)
Sound X (cart, instructions)
Space instructionstigators (Complete #22)
Space Invaders Vector (cart)
Space Rocks (complete)
Space Treat (cart, instructions)
Spacebattle (cart, instructions)
Special Starpath CD
Squoosh (cart)
Stacker (complete)
Star Castle (complete)
Star Wars Ewok Adventures (cart)
Starfire (cart, instructions)
Steeple Chase NTSC (complete)
Stella Gets A New Brain #308 (complete)
Stella’s Stocking (cart, instructions)#174
Sticky Notes (cart)
Strat O Gems Deluxe (cart, instructions)
Stripe Off (cart)
Stunt Cycle (complete)
Suicide Adventure (cart)
Super Mario Ribc (complete)
Supr Mario Ribc (cart)
Surfer’s paradise NTSC (complete)
Swoops! (cart, instructions)
Sync (cart, instructions)
Synthcart (cart, instructions)
T.U.G. (cart)
Targ (cart)
Tazer (cart)
TCM/Halloween (complete)
Telepathy (cart)
Tempest (cart)
Test Cart (cart)
Tetris 26 (cart)
Texas Chainsaw Massacre double ender #20 (complete)
The Blair Witch Project (cart, instructions)
The Dukes Of Hazzard (complete)
The Last Ninja #20 (complete)
The Last Ninja (complete)
The Last Starfighter (cart)
This Plant Sucks (complete)
This Plant Sucks Aa (cart, instructions)
This Plant Sucks Hv (cart, instructions)
Thrust (cart, instructions)
Thrust + (Dc Ed.) Complete
Thrust + Platinum Ed. (complete)
Thrust + SP (complete)
Thwocker (cart)
Toyshop Trouble #25 (cart, instructions)
Traveller (cart)
Treasure Below NTSC (complete)
Tron Picture Cart (cart) #8
Tronman (complete)
Turbo (complete)
Universal Prototype Drag Race (cart)
Unknown Prototypetype #1 (cart)
Unknown Prototypetype #2 (cart)
Vault Assault (cart, instructions)
Vault Assault Philly (cart, instructions)
Venetian Blinds (complete)
Venture Arcade Edition (cart)
Venture LL Tresure Chest (complete)
Video Life/Magicard (complete)
Video Simon (cart, instructions)
Video Time Machine (cart, instructions)
Vong (complete)
Wanted The Wumpus (cart)
Warring Worms #10 (cart, instructions)
Warring Worms Returns (cart, instructions)
West World (cart)
Wolfenstein (cart)
Wolfenstein VCS (complete)
Wolfenstein VCS Next Mission (cart, instructions)
Wombat (cart)
Words Attack (cart)
Worship The Woodgrain 1st Edition (4 CD’s)
Worship The Woodgrain 2nd Edition (4 CD’s)
Worship The Woodgrain 3rd Eye Edition (4 CD’s)
X3volux (complete)
X3volux Blue (cart, instructions)
X3volux-Blue (cart)
Yahtzee (cart)
Zelda (cart)

Home Vision

Asteroid Fire (cart) PAL
Base Attack (cart) PAL
Col ‘N (cart) Copy
Cosmc War (cart) PAL
Dead-Ray (black cart) PAL
Frisco #4 (black cart) PAL
Frisco (white cart) PAL
Lilly Adventure (cart) PAL
Panda Chase (cart) PAL
Parachute (cart, instructions) PAL
Plate Mania (cart) PAL
Racing Car
Ski Hunt (cart) PAL
Sky Alien (complete) PAL
Tanks War (cart) PAL
Teddy Apple (cart) PAL
Tennis (cart) PAL
Topy (cart) PAL
Traffic/Racing Car (cart) PAL
Wall Break (complete) PAL
War 2000 (complete) PAL
X’ Mission (cart) PAL

Hot Shot

Astro Attack (cart) PAL
Challenge (cart) PAL
Dream Flight (cart) PAL
Duck Fighting (cart) PAL
Forest (cart) PAL
Ground Zero (cart) PAL
Magic Puzzle (cart) PAL
Skin Diver (cart) PAL
Sky Scraper (cart) PAL
Space Eagle (complete) PAL
Space Robot (cart) PAL
Squirrel & Snail (cart) PAL
Time Machine (cart) PAL

Imagic was the second third-party software group to form after Activision, and was one of the best producers of 2600 games. Most of their games are of high quality and innovative.
Atlantis (complete)
Atlantis 2 (complete)
Cosmic Ark (complete)
Cubicolor (complete)
Demon Attack (complete)
Demon Attack-Red (complete)
Demon Attack-Black (complete)
Demon Attack-Blue (cart)
Dragon Fire (complete)
Fathom (complete)
Fire Fighter (complete)
Imagic Selector (cart) Copy
Laser Gates (complete)
Moonsweeper (complete)
No Escape (complete)
Quick Step (complete)
Riddle Of The Sphinx (complete)
Shootin’ Gallery (complete)
Solar Storm (complete)
Star Voyager (complete)
Subterranea (complete) PAL
Subterrenea (complete)
Trick Shot (complete)
Wing War (complete) PAL
2pk Seaquest/Pitfall (cart) PAL

ITT Family Games

Aliens Return (complete) PAL
Cosmic Town (complete) PAL
Fire Birds (complete) PAL
Hell Driver (complete) PAL
Laser Base (cart, box) PAL
Metor Defense (complete)
Mountain Man (complete)
Peter Penguin (complete) PAL

John Sands
John Sands Electronics was a distributor of board games, greeting cards, video games, and other things in Australia. They sold several Atari 2600 games exclusive to Australia.
Aquatack (complete) PAL
Exoset Missile (cart) PAL
Sea Hawk (complete) PAL

Johnson & Johnson

Tooth Protectors (complete)


Enduro (Cart, Case) PAL


4 In 1 (cart) PAL
X-Man (cart) PAL

A Japanese software company, Konami was established in the arcade arena and got its start in the home business with the Atari 2600.
Marine Wars (complete)
Pooyan (complete)
Strategy X (complete)

K-Tel Vision
Founded by Phil Kives, K-Tel Vision was the software arm of that same K-Tel company that hawked disco compilations and teflon pots and pans on late night TV.
Spider Maze (cart)
Vulture Attack (complete)

M Network
MNetwork was a division of Mattel Electronics that created games for the 2600. Generally, they were simplified versions of existing Intellivision games. A few of their later titles were released under the name Mattel Electronics instructionstead of MNetwork however.
Adventures Of Tron (complete)
Air Raiders (complete)
Armor Ambush (complete)
Anteater (box only)
Astro Blast (complete)
Bump ‘N’ Jump (complete)
Burgertime (complete)
Dark Cavern (complete)
Frog & Flies (complete)
International Soccer (complete)
Koolaid Man (complete)
Lock ‘N’ Chase (complete)
Loco Motion (box only)
Master Of The Universe (complete)
Space Attack (complete)
Star Strike (complete)
Super Challange Baseball (complete)
Super Challange Football (complete)
Tron Deadly Disc (complete)
Tron Special Pak (complete)

Matra 3600

8 In 1 (complete) PAL


Sky Hunt (complete) PAL
Volleyball (complete) PAL

Mega Games

Smurf (cart)

There isn’t much to say about this company, since they only released one game – Air Raid. This game had very poor sales and is one of the hardest games to find today.
Air Raid (cart, box)


Atari Cartucho Original
Hero (cart)
TanQue Robot (cart)


Pac Man
River Raid
Sea Quest

Milton Bradley
While Milton Bradley was not new to videogames (Microvision, Vectrex), they were another one of the latecomers when it came to publishing software for the 2600.
Spitfire Attack (complete)
Survival Run (complete)

Multi Game

32 In 1 (cart) PAL

Mystique stirred quite a bit of controversy when they announced their games – they were to be marketed as “adult” titles with nudity and mature themes.
Bachelor Party (complete)
Beat’em & Eat’em (complete)
Custer’s Revenge (complete)
Jungle Fever PAL(complete)

Mythicon entered the market with only three games. All three games were essentially the same with some minor changes.
Fire Fly (complete)
Sorcerer (complete)
Star Fox (complete)


4pk Tenn/Moto/Kong/Karate (cart) PAL


2 In 1 (complete) Brown Box
2 In 1 (complete) Green Box
2 In 1 (complete) Red Box
2 In 1 (complete) Small Box


Zaxxon (cart) PAL

Panda entered the 2600 in 1984 and were soon forgotten. Their games were very bad, and usually rip-offs of existing titles.
Dice Puzzle (complete) PAL
Exocet (complete) PAL
Harbor Escape (complete) PAL
Scuba Diver (complete) PAL
Sea Hawk (complete) PAL
Space Canyon (complete)
Stuntman (complete) PAL
Tank Brigade (complete) PAL

Parker Brothers
Parker Brothers, the established creator of numerous board games, entered the videogame market in 1982. What made their entry different was the fact that they were an established company as opposed to a software start-up.
Action Force (complete) PAL
Amidar (complete)
Frogger (complete)
Frogger 2 Threeedeep! (complete)
G I Joe (complete)
Gyruss (complete)
James Bond 007 (complete)
Montezuma’s Revenge (complete)
Mr. Do’s! Castle (complete)
Popeye (complete)
Q Bert (complete)
Q Bert’s Qubes (complete)
Ractor (complete)
Sky Skipper (complete)
Spiderman (complete)
Star Wars Jedi Arena (complete)
Star Wars Death Star Battle (complete)
Star Wars The Arcade Game (complete)
Star Wars Empire Strikes Back (complete)
Strawberry Shortcake (complete)
Supercobra (complete)
Tutankham (complete)

Playaround was formed from the ashes of Mystique, the first 2600 adult videogame company.
2pk Bachelor Party/Gigolo (complete)
2pk Bachelerette Party/Burning Desire (complete)
2pk Beat’em & Eat’em (complete)
2pk Knight On The Town/Junge Fever (complete)
2pk Philly Flasher/Cathouseblue (complete)
2pk Westward Ho/ General Retreat (cart) PAL

Play Video

River Raid (cart) PAL
Video Chess (cart) PAL

Pizzy Bit

Bobby Geht Heim (complete) PAL
Der Postmann (complete) PAL
Mission 3000 (complete) PAL
Phantom Panzer (complete) PAL
Schnecke Gegen Eichhornchen (complete) PAL
See Monster (complete) PAL
Sesam Offne Dich (complete) PAL
Tanzende Teller (complete) PAL
Weltraumtunnel (complete) PAL


Space Tunnel (complete)
Seamonster (complete)


Adventure (cart) PAL
Air Sea Battle (cart) PAL
Apples And Dolls (cart) PAL
Asteroids (cart) PAL
Berzerk (cart) PAL
Centipede (cart) PAL
Championship Soccer (cart) PAL
Combat (cart) PAL
Decathlon (cart) PAL
Denfender (cart) PAL
Enduro (cart, instructions) PAL
Freeway (cart) PAL
Fogger (cart) PAL
Frostbite (cart) PAL
Galaxian (cart) PAL
Haunted House (cart) PAL
H.E.R.O (cart) PAL
Homerun (cart)
Jungle Hunt (cart) PAL
Kangroo (cart) PAL
Keystone Kapers (cart) PAL
Los 3 Cochinitos (cart) PAL
Math Gran Prix (cart) PAL
Maze Craze (cart) PAL
Megamania (cart) PAL
Missile Command (cart) PAL
Mr. Chin (complete) PAL
Oink! (complete) PAL
Pac Man (cart) PAL
Pitfall (cart) PAL
Plaque Attack (cart) PAL
Pole Position (cart) PAL
Popeye (cart) PAL
Pressure Cooker (cart) Pa
Realsports Soccer (cart) PAL
Realsports Tennis (cart) PAL
Reasports Volleyball (cart) PAL
River Raid (cart) PAL
Robot Tank (cart) PAL
Space Invaders (cart) PAL
Space Tunnel (cart) PAL
Starmaster (cart) PAL
Swordquest Earthworld (cart) PAL
Tank Attack (cart) PAL
Vanguard (cart) PAL
Video Pinball (cart) PAL
Yar’s Revenge (cart) PAL

Pop Video

Mr. Do (cart) PAL

Rainbow Software

31 In 1 (cart) PAL


Bobby Geht Nach Hause (complete) PAL
Die Ente Und Der Wolf (complete) PAL
Die Hungrige Frosche (complete) PAL
Die Rotte Und Die Karotten (complete) PAL
Die Springteufel (cart) PAL
Dschungel Boy (cart) PAL
King Auther (cart) PAL
Landungskommando (complete) PAL
Pac Kong (complete) PAL
Raumbasen-Attacke (cart, instructions) PAL
Robin Hood (complete) PAL
Schiebbude (complete) PAL
Von Himmel Durch Die Holle (complete) PAL

Rainbow Vision

Bermuda #009 (complete) PAL
Bi! Bi! #013 (complete) PAL
Boom Bang #016 (complete) PAL
Catch Time #015 (complete) PAL
Criminal Persuit #036 (cart)
Curtiss #019 (complete) PAL
Galactic #002 (cart) PAL
Hey! Stop! #012 (complete) PAL
I.Q. Memory Teaser #033 (cart) PAL
Mafia #010 (complete) PAL
Mariana #017 (complete) PAL
Motocross #022 (cart) PAL
Netmaker #006 (complete) PAL
Pac Kong #003 (complete) PAL
Panda (Quest) #035 (cart) PAL
Pyramid War #004 (complete) PAL
Ski Run #024 (cart) PAL
Space Raid #007 (complete) PAL
Super Ferrari #011 (cart) PAL
The Year 1999 #008 (complete) PAL
Time Race #001 (complete) PAL
Tom Boy #005 (complete) PAL
Tuby Bird #020 (complete) PAL


Donald Duck (cart) PAL


Sea Battle (complete)
Swordfight (complete)


Okie Dokie #62 (cart)
Stell-A Sketch (complete)


Keystone Kapers (cart) PAL

In the late 1980’s Atari attempted a comeback for the 2600, and this spurred a few companies to get into the game. One of them was Salu of Great Britain, who released three new games for the 2600 in the 1990’s.
Acid Drop (complete) PAL
Keystone Kapers (cart) PAL


Dice Puzzle (cart, box) PAL
Exocet (complete) PAL
Forest (complete) PAL
Nightmare (complete) PAL
Sea Hawk (complete) PAL
Skin Diver (complete) PAL

Sears was an early proponent of home videogames, and their partnership with Atari was instrumental in the success of the fledgling company. Sears sold many of Atari’s products, but like many brands sold in Sears stores, they branded the products with their own name. In many cases, their Atari 2600 games even had new artwork and new titles.
3-D Tic Tac Toe (complete)
Adventure (complete)
Arcade Golf (complete)
Arcade Pinball (complete)
Asteroids (complete)
Backgammon (complete)
Baseball (complete)
Basketball (complete)
Berzerk (complete)
Black Jack (complete)
Bowling (complete)
Brain Games (complete)
Breakaway Iv (complete)
Cannon Man (complete)
Canyon Bomber (complete)
Capture (complete)
Chase (complete)
Checkers (complete)
Circus (complete)
Codebreaker (complete)
Dare Diver (complete)
Defender (complete)
Demon To Diamonds (complete)
Dodger Cars (complete)
Football (complete)
Golf (complete)
Gunslinger (complete)
Haunted House (complete)
Math (complete)
Math Gran Prix (complete)
Maze (complete)
Maze Mania (complete)
Memory Match (complete)
Missile Command (complete)
Night Driver (complete)
Othello (complete)
Outer Space (complete)
Pac Man (complete)
Poker Plus (complete)
Pong Sports (complete)
Race (complete)
Slots (complete)
Soccer (complete)
Space Combat (complete)
Space Invaders (complete)
Speedway 2 (complete)
Spelling (complete)
Star Raiders (complete)
Steeple Chase (complete)
Stellar Track (complete)
Submarine Commander (complete)
Super Breakout (complete)
Superman (complete)
Tank Plus (complete)
Target Fun (complete)
Video Chess (complete)
Warlords (complete)
Yar’s Revenge (complete)

Sears Gate Fold Boxes

Black Jack (complete)
Chase (complete)
Math (complete)
Outer Space (complete)
Pong Sports (complete)
Race (complete)
Speedway 2 (complete)
Tank Plus (complete)
Target Fun (complete)

Sega was known for their arcade games at the time of their entry into the home market. They initially licensed their games to Coleco for the ColecoVision console and later to other companies including Atari. Games such as Frogger, Zaxxon, and Pengo were very successful, so Sega decided to publish its own titles.
Buck Rogers (complete)
Congo Bongo (complete)
Star Trek (complete)
Sub Scan (complete)
Tac Scan (complete)
Thundergound (complete)

Selchow & Righter
Programmed by QDI and based on the Selchow & Righter board game Scrabble, it was the only title the company released. It is very difficult to find today, especially in the box.
Glib (complete)

Shock Vision

Enduro (cart) PAL
International Soccer (box only)
Snoopy (cart) PAL

A religious company about which little is known, their only release was Eli’s Ladder. One of the rarest of all 2600 games, this was a religious education game that had very little distribution.
Eli’s Ladder (complete)

Space Vision

Mario Bross (cart)

A religious company founded in 1976 by Billy Ray Hearn that produces mainly music albums, Sparrow released one cartridge, Music Machine, based on the Music Machine album by Candle. There is a Music Machine II by Candle, but that album never had a cartridge counterpart.
Music Machine (complete)

Spectravision / Spectravideo
Spectravision produced a large number of 2600 titles and was doing quite well until the Crash. Perhaps best known for producing the mail order-only game Chase the Chuckwagon, Spectravision had a decent lineup including many rare games that are sought after today such as Bumper Bash and Mangia.
Bumper Bash (complete)
Chase The Chuckwagon (complete)
China Syndrome (complete)
Cross Force (complete)
Gangster (complete)
Gas Hog (complete)
Mangia (complete) NTSC
Master Builder (complete)
Nexar (complete)
Plant Patrol (complete)
SongMate (complete)
Tape Worm (complete)


Alices Abenteuer (cart) PAL
Angriff Der Luftflotten (cart) PAL
Asteroid Belt (cart) PAL
Astrowar (cart) PAL
Billard (cart) PAL
Bobby Geht Nach House (cart) PAL
Der Kleine Bar (cart) PAL
Die Springteufel (cart) PAL
Eishockey Fieber (cart) PAL
Fox & Pig (cart) PAL
Gefahrliche Mausejago (cart) PAL
Gefecht Im All (cart) PAL
Im Reich Der Spinne (cart) PAL
Kampf Dem Steinfresser (cart) PAL
Kampf Um Die Schatzinstructionsel (cart) PAL
Katastrophen Einstructionsatz (cart) PAL
Labyrinth (complete) PAL
Lilly Adventure (cart) PAL
Mafia (cart) PAL
Mariana (cart) PAL
Marineflieger (cart) PAL
Mein Weg (complete)
Motocross (cart) PAL
Overkill (cart) PAL
River Raid 2 (cart) PAL
Strahlen Der Teufelsvogel (cart) PAL
Super Ferrari (cart) PAL
Top Gun (complete) PAL
Ungeheuer Der Tiefe (cart) PAL
Wachroboter Jagt Jupy (cart) PAL
Wastenschlacht (complete) PAL

Sunrise was a very small company compared to others of the time. Although the company’s first game, Quest for Quintana Roo, is considered one of the best adventure games for the 2600, Sunrise only produced one other 2600 game after that. Glacier Patrol was finished but never published by Sunrise. Texas-based Telegames picked up the rights to it and published it, as well as re-releasing Quest for Quintana Roo.
Quest For Quintan Roo (complete) PAL


Asteroid Belt (cart) PAL
Basis-Angriff (cart) PAL
Das Raumschiff (cart) PAL
Catch Time (complete) PAL
Criminal Persuit (cart, box) PAL
Dragon Defender (cart, box) PAL
Galactic (complete) PAL
Mariana (cart, box) PAL
Mole Hunter (box only) (PAL)
Pyramid War (complete) PAL
Raumroboter (cart) PAL
Skydiver (cart) PAL
Spectracube Invasion (cart) PAL
Sternen Kampf (cart) PAL
UFO Patrol (cart) PAL
Weltuntergang (cart) PAL


Tennis (cart) PAL
Xadrez (complete) (Chess)


8 In 1 (cart) PAL
Mario Bros. (cart) PAL


128 In 1 (complete) PAL
16 In 1 (complete) PAL
Air Wolf (cart) PAL
Black Hole (cart) PAL
Bowling (complete) PAL
Chess (complete) PAL
Circs (complete) PAL
E.T Go Home (complete) PAL
Feuerwehr Im Einstructionsatz (cart) PAL
Freeway (cart) PAL
Mole Hunter (cart) PAL
Pitfall (complete) PAL
Popeye (complete) PAL
S.O.S (complete) PAL
Seesaw (complete) PAL


Nuts (cart) PAL
Pharoah’s Curse (cart, box) PAL
Save Our Ship (cart) PAL


4 In 1 (cart) PAL

Telegames is an online and direct mail retailer of video game hardware and software with US headquarters based in Texas. They also have a sister operation located in England, and they have been in business worldwide since 1979.
Adventures On Gx 12 (complete) PAL
Air Raiders (cart, instructions) PAL
Armor Ambush (complete) PAL
Astroblast (complete) PAL
Bogey Blaster (complete) PAL
Bump ‘N’ Jump (complete) PAL
Deady Discs (complete) PAL
Football (complete) PAL
Frogs And Flies (complete) PAL
Glacier Patrol (complete) PAL
International Soccer (complete) PAL
Kung Fu Superkicks (complete) PAL
Lock ‘N’ Chase (complete) PAL
Night Stalker (complete) PAL
Quest For Quintana Roo (complete) PAL
Space Attack (complete) PAL
Super Challange Baseball (complete) PAL
World Championship Baseball (complete) PAL
Universal Chaos (complete) PAL

Telesys released a number of creative games for the 2600, but never quite became the success they had hoped. A few of their titles were not widely distributed and have become collectible today. They released many of their games in two styles – a standard rectangular case, and a case with a small “handle” on the end. Additionally, a few of their standard case games came in both color and black and white variations.
Coconuts (complete)
Cosmic Creeps (complete)
Demolition Herby (complete)
Fast Food (complete)
Ram It (complete)
Star Gunner (complete)

Tiger Vision (PAL)

Enduro (cart) PAL
Space Invaders (cart) PAL
Missile Command (cart) PAL

A division of Tiger Toys, Tigervision entered the market in 1982. Already an established producer of handheld electronic games, Tiger’s lineup included ports of little known arcade games such as Polaris and Espial, and computer licenses such as Miner 2049er. Some of their titles such as River Patrol and Miner 2049er II are very rare today and highly sought after by collectors.
Espial (complete)
Jawbreaker (complete)
King Kong (complete)
Marauder (complete)
Miner 2049er (complete)
Miner 2049er 2 (complete)
Polaris (complete)
River Patrol (complete)
Springer (complete)
Threshold (complete)

TNT Games
Excellent graphics characterize TNT Games’ only release for the 2600, BMX Airmaster. Unfortunately, the market dropped out from beneath them and nothing else was produced.
BMX Airmaster (complete)


Mario Bros. (cart) PAL

Ubi Soft

Pick ‘n’ Pile (complete) PAL

Ultravision is an interesting company on paper, but their products did not live up to company hype. Initially they announced their own videogame console; ultimately, they only released two games for the 2600.
Condor Attack (complete)
Karate (cart)


Snail Againstructionst Squirel (cart) PAL


2 In 1 (cart) PAL
2 In 1 (complete) PAL
32 In 1 (cart) PAL
32 In 1 (cart) PAL
4 In 1 (cart) PAL
4 In 1 (cart)
4 In 1 (cart)
4 In 1 (cart)
64 In 1 (cart) PAL
8 In 1 (cart) PAL
8 In 1 (complete) PAL
8 In 1 (complete) PAL
Aimpoint (V-Cart) PAL
Air Raider-White (cart) PAL
Capture (cart) PAL
Cowboy (V-Cart) PAL
Criminal Pursuit (cart) PAL
Dragon Defender (complete) PAL
Felix Returns (cart) PAL
Fishing (V-Cart) PAL
Hole Hunter (complete) PAL
Hot Wave (cart) PAL
Kampf In Der Galaxie (cart) PAL
Mr. T/My Way (complete) PAL
Outlaw (V-Cart) PAL
Pac-Man (complete)PAL
Pac-Man (V Cart) PAL
Pac-Man-Dobisko (cart) PAL
Reconnaissance (complete)
Sea Hawk (V-Cart)PAL
See Saw (cart) PAL
Ski Run (box only) PAL
Star Force (complete)
Super Baumeister (complete) PAL
Time Warp (cart) PAL
Unknown (Small Cart) PAL
Weltuntergang (complete) PAL
X-Man (cart)

US Games/Vidtec
A subsidiary of Quaker Oats, U.S. Games is a perfect example of how non-gaming companies tried to cash in on the 2600’s success.
Commando Raid (complete)
Eggomania (complete)
Entombed (complete)
Gopher (complete)
Name This Game (complete)
M.A.D (complete)
Picnic (complete)
Piece O Cake (complete)
Raft Rider (complete)
Sneak ‘N’ Peak (complete)
Space Jockey (complete)
Squeeze Box (complete)
Towering Inferno (complete)
Word Zapper (complete)

In 1982 Robert Hesler started VentureVision in Grand Prairie, TX, with a tiny staff and big dreams. The company only released one game before it went out of business – Rescue Terra I.
Rescue Terra 1 (complete)


Cassino (cart) PAL
Checkers (cart) PAL

Video Game

8 In 1 (cart) PAL
Base Attack (complete) PAL
Motocross (complete) PAL
Pitfall (cart) PAL
The Earth Dies Screaming (cart) PAL

Video Gems
Video Gems games are original, not clones of other titles. They were a Hong Kong company whose games were distributed in Europe by Hanimex. Video Gems included two high-score stickers with each game, so the player could reward himself for top scores.
Missile Control (cart) PAL
Mission Survive (cart) PAL
Surfer’s Paridise (complete) PAL
Steeplechase (cart) PAL
Treasure Below (cart) PAL

Video Grow

Cavernas Do Inferno (cart)
Raid Mortal (cart)
Mao Leve (complete)

Video Jogo

Boxing (cart) PAL

Video Tiger

X-Man (cart) PAL


Sex Man (cart) PAL
Soccer (cart) PAL

Founded by Channel F creator Jerry Lawson, Videosoft released only one cartridge – Color Bar Generator. This was not a game, but a tool to be used by service technicians. Since this title could only be purchased directly from the company or from some service dealers, it is very hard to find today.
Color Bar Generator (complete)

Wizard Video
Another cheap marketing attempt from a non-gaming company. Wizard Video was the distributor of Texas Chainstructionsaw Massacre on videotape, and they decided a videogame would be a good idea. In releasing Halloween and Texas Chainstructionsaw Massacre, they introduced the first horror videogames to the market.
Halloween (complete)
The Tesas Chainstructionsaw Massacre (complete)

Founded by Princeton/Wharton alumn Roger Collinstructions in 1983, Xante had plans to be a major player in the videogame software distribution market. With a business plan similar to Romox, Xante planned to establish attended kiosks that could produce cartridges on demand from a catalog of games.
Trick Shot (cart)

Xonox was the second company to market “double-ender” cartridges (after Playaround). This was an attempt to appeal to the budget conscious consumer who could only afford to buy one cartridge.
2pk Chuck Norris/Artillary Duel (complete)
2pk Chuck Norris/Spike’s Peak (complete)
2pk Ghost Manor/Artillery Duel (complete)
2pk Ghost Manor/Spikes Peak (complete)
2pk Ghost Manor/Superkicks (complete)
2pk Pikes Peak/Artllery Duel (complete)
2pk Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot (complete)
2pk Spike’s Peak/Ghost Manor (complete) PAL
2pk Super Kung Fu/Robin Hood (complete)
2pk Tomarc/Motocross Racer (complete)
Artillery Duel (complete)
Chuck Norris (complete)
Ghost Manor (complete)
Motocross Racer (complete)
Robin Hood (complete)
Sir Lancelot (complete)
Spike’s Peak (complete)
Tomarc The Barbarian (complete)

Founded in 1931, Zellers is a Canadian discount department store that sold Atari games in the 1980’s. All their games were knock-offs manufactured in Taiwan and sold without license from Atari. Packaging was very plain, with a simple red box featuring some unusual artwork, the title of the game, and the words “2600 Compatible” in large white letters.
Challenge (complete) PAL
Circus (complete) PAL
Dragon Treasure (cart) PAL
Earth Attack (cart) PAL
Front Line (complete) PAL
Laser Volley (complete) PAL
Ocean City Defender (cart) PAL
Pinball (cart) PAL
Scuba Diver (cart) PAL
Sea Hawk (cart) PAL
Space Adventure (cart) PAL
Theamk (cart) PAL
Turmoil (cart) PAL
War Zone (cart) PAL

A subsidiary of Magnetic Tape International, Zimag entered the videogame scene in 1983. They were another example of a company simply trying to cash in on a trend – they weren’t particularly interested in making the best games.
Cosmic Corridor (complete) PAL
Dishaster (complete) PAL
I Want My Mommy (complete) PAL
Tanks But No Tanks (complete) PAL


Enduro (cart) PAL

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