AVGN: Ghostbusters Follow-Up

Mike Matei / March 20th, 2007

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Episode notes by Mike Matei:
– In episode 22 AVGN grades the spelling in Ghostbusters (NES). And talks about Ghostbusters for the Atari 2600 and Sega Master System
– This episode contains the first review of an Atari game.

Funny Quotes:
Let’s play teacher and grade this piece of shit. Since it’s really short, let’s say 10 points off for every error out of a possible 100. So okay, you ready? Here we go. Well, first of all, “Conglaturation !!!” is spelled wrong, but it’s not even a simple typo. Two letters in two different places are wrong which probably means they really didn’t know how to spell it. So that’s 20 points off for that just because it’s such an atrocious misspelling. But then why isn’t it plural? You don’t usually say “Congratulation.”, you say “Congratulations”. So technically it’s got nothing to do with the spelling, it’s a different error altogether. So that’s another ten points for that. Then, “You have completed a great game.”!? Well that’s just simply wrong, 20 points for that statement.

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