AVGN: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Mike Matei / June 29th, 2006

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Episode notes by Mike:
Episode 5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES) is where the series really took off and it became an internet phenomenon. This was the first episode to premiere on ScrewAttack.com. (From episode 5 to episode 19 they appeared first on ScrewAttack, and then hit Youtube a week later.)
For this one I remember playing the game with James, though this time we got the footage to appear larger on the TV instead of having to record it on the small LCD screen like the Roger Rabbit episode.
James and I used to play this game in college, and since I was pretty good at the game, he had me help record the gameplay footage. Though we ended up quitting before we got to the Technodrome. I knew I had beaten this game in the past, so it confused me for quite a while why we decided to give up.
But later on, I was playing this game again and realized why we quit. I did a video called “TMNT Technodrome Trick” and while playing, I learned that the man hole covers that take yo to the Technodrome are random. Meaning any one of them could take you there. And when we played the game back in 2006 for this episode, we kept going to the same manhole. And that’s why we never found the Technodrome. That was always a regret of ours that we didn’t show the Technodrome. And it’s why we went back and showed it for Episode 94.
Also, for whatever reason, I also decided to make a title drawing for this video while James was editing it. So this is the first episode to have one of my title cards.




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