A Night of Total Terror (1996) 2006 RE-EDIT

James / May 16th, 2006

This is the first movie I made that got me started on my path of filmmaking. Before this, most of my movies used puppets and action figures, because none of my friends were interested in acting. Finding actors was always a problem. This changed that slightly. With A Night of Total Terror, I started making the movie by myself (setting up the camera on my own, acting in front of it, changing costumes, playing all the different monsters myself). Then I showed my friends and it helped demonstrate how cool it is to make movies. So they joined in. That’s how it all started for me. This is really the birth of Cinemassacre right here.

This is the 10th Anniversary edition, 2006, which is heavily edited from the original 30 minute crap-fest. It was really a learning experience for me, not meant to be looked at for quality. This version combines footage from the original with the sequel, An Evening of Real Supernatural Horror (1996) and the unfinished remake “Spread of Malevolence” (1997).

You can see a really cool edit of “Spread of Malevolence” by Conrad Faraj.

A second remake came with “A NEW Night of Total Terror” (1999), shot on 16mm for a class assignment. It was more like an experiment.

The story was again recycled in “Curse of the Cat Lover’s Grave” (2003).

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