AVGN: The Karate Kid

Mike Matei / February 10th, 2006

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Episode notes by Mike:
For this third episode The Karate Kid (NES), once again James was at my place and we were playing some of my NES games. We played The Karate Kid and laughed at all the flaws in the game. This episode is like a hybrid of the first two videos. It combined the game footage with the nerd character we all know today. This was the episode that got me really excited about the idea of this as a show.
Back in 2005, James and I had a job working together editing corporate training videos. And at the time, these first three episodes (Bad NES Games) were only available to watch as Quicktime files on the first version of the site.
Back then, I would watch this episode over and over laughing hysterically about it. James only intended these three videos to be a trilogy. But I liked this Karate Kid video so much that I kept pestering him to do another one. Eventually, James agreed to make more. (Probably just to get me to shut up about it!)

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