Kirk VS

Mike Matei / June 20th, 2004

“Kirk VS” was a compilation of all Captain Kirks fight scenes from the Star Trek TV show and movies made in 2004. Because of all the work that went into the DVD with the menu screens, it’s counted under filmography. It was basically just a fun little project and tribute to Kirk and all his fight scenes.

Here was the cover to the DVD.

And now Kirk VS is available to view right here on Cinemassacre. Enjoy!

DVD Intro

Kirk VS Gary Mitchell

Kirk VS Yeoman Janice Rand

Kirk VS Andorian delegate Thelev

Kirk VS Lt. Commander Ben Finney

Kirk VS Salish

Kirk VS Kloog

Kirk VS The Mugatu

Kirk VS Kang

Kirk VS Security Guards

Kirk VS Garth of Izar disguised as Kirk

Kirk VS Sarpeidon Natives

Kirk VS Khan Noonien Singh

Kirk VS The Gorn

Kirk VS Spock

Kirk VS Finnegan

Kirk VS Kruge

Kirk VS Horned Alien prisoner from Rura Penthe

Kirk VS Tolian Soran

DVD Bonus Material

Mr. Tambourine Man (Music Video)

Lucy In The Sky with Diamonds (Music Video)

Incubus DVD Promo

Kirk VS Drill Thralls and Shahna

Rocket Man

Free Enterprise Dream Scene and Fight

Matt Decker VS Mr. Montgomery

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