NES Collection

Mike / May 5th, 2004



10-Yard Fight October 1985 Nintendo
1942 November 1986 Capcom
1943: The Battle of Midway October 1988 Capcom
1992 Campus Challenge – Nintendo
3-D WorldRunner September 1987 Acclaim
6-in-1 1992 Caltron
6-in-1 1992 Myriad (Same exact game as Caltron 6 in 1 except different label)
720° November 1989 Mindscape
8 Eyes January 1990 Taxan

Abadox March 1990 Milton Bradley Company
Action 52 1991 Active Enterprises
Action in New York 1991 Infogrames Called S.C.A.T. in the U.S.
The Addams Family January 1992 Ocean Software
The Addams Family: Pugsley’s Scavenger Hunt August 1993 Ocean Software
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Dragon Strike July 1992 FCI
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of the Lance January 1991 FCI

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Hillsfar February 1993 FCI
Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Pool of Radiance April 1992 FCI
Adventure Island September 1988 Hudson Soft
Adventure Island 2 February 1991 Hudson Soft
Adventure Island 3 September 1992 Hudson Soft
Adventure Island Classic (aka Adventure Island) 1992 Hudson Soft Europe only
Adventures in the Magic Kingdom June 1990 Capcom
The Adventures of Bayou Billy June 1989 Konami
The Adventures of Dino Riki September 1989 Hudson Soft
The Adventures of Gilligan’s Island July 1990 Bandai
Adventures of Lolo April 1989 HAL
Adventures of Lolo 2 March 1990 HAL
Adventures of Lolo 3 September 1991 HAL
The Adventures of Rad Gravity December 1990 Activision
The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle December 1992 THQ
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer August 1989 Seta
After Burner 1989 Tengen Unlicensed
Air Fortress September 1989 HAL
Airwolf June 1988 Acclaim
Al Unser Jr.’s Turbo Racing March 1990 Data East
Aladdin 1994 Virgin Interactive Europe only
Alfred Chicken February 1994 Mindscape
Alien³ March 1993 LJN
Alien Syndrome 1989 Tengen Unlicensed
All-Pro Basketball December 1989 Vic Tokai
Alpha Mission October 1987 SNK
Amagon April 1989 American Sammy
American Gladiators October 1991 Gametek
Anticipation November 1988 Nintendo
Arch Rivals November 1990 Acclaim
Archon December 1989 Activision
Arkanoid August 1987 Taito
Arkista’s Ring June 1990 American Sammy
Asterix 1993 Infogrames Europe only
Astyanax March 1990 Jaleco
Athena August 1987 SNK
Athletic World July 1987 Bandai
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes January 1992 THQ
Aussie Rules Footy 1991 Mattel Australia only

Baby Boomer 1989 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Back to the Future September 1989 LJN
Back to the Future Part II & III September 1990 LJN
Bad Dudes July 1990 Data East
Bad News Baseball June 1990 Tecmo
Bad Street Brawler September 1989 Mattel
Balloon Fight June 1986 Nintendo
Banana Prince February 1989 Takara Europe only
Bandai Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach February 1989 Bandai
Bandit Kings of Ancient China December 1990 Koei
Barbie December 1991 Hi Tech
The Bard’s Tale November 1991 FCI
Barker Bill’s Trick Shooting August 1990 Nintendo
Base Wars June 1991 Ultra
Baseball October 1985 Nintendo
Baseball Simulator 1.000 March 1990 Culture Brain
Baseball Stars July 1989 SNK
Baseball Stars II July 1992 Romstar
Bases Loaded July 1988 Jaleco
Bases Loaded II January 1990 Jaleco
Bases Loaded 3 September 1991 Jaleco
Bases Loaded 4 April 1993 Jaleco
Batman February 1990 Sunsoft
Batman Returns January 1993 Konami
Batman: Return of the Joker December 1991 Sunsoft
Battle Chess July 1990 Data East
The Battle of Olympus December 1989 Broderbund
Battle Tank September 1990 Absolute Entertainment
Battleship 1993 Mindscape
Battletoads June 1991 Tradewest
Battletoads & Double Dragon June 1993 Tradewest
Beauty and the Beast 1994 Hudson Soft Europe only
Bee 52 1992 Camerica Unlicensed
Beetlejuice May 1991 LJN
Best of the Best Championship Karate December 1992 Electro Brain Corp.
Bible Adventures 1991 Wisdom Tree Unlicensed
Bible Buffet 1993 Wisdom Tree Unlicensed
BigFoot July 1990 Acclaim
Big Nose Freaks Out 1992 Camerica Unlicensed
Big Nose the Caveman 1991 Camerica Unlicensed
Bill and Ted’s Excellent Video Game Adventure August 1991 LJN
Bill Elliot’s NASCAR Challenge April 1991 Konami
Bionic Commando December 1988 Capcom
The Black Bass September 1989 Hot B
Blackjack 1992 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Blades of Steel December 1988 Konami
Blaster Master November 1988 Sunsoft
The Blue Marlin July 1992 Hot-B
Blue Shadow 1991 Taito Called Shadow of the Ninja in the U.S.
The Blues Brothers September 1992 Titus
Bo Jackson Baseball October 1991 Data East
Bomberman January 1989 Hudson Soft
Bomberman II February 1993 Hudson Soft
Bonk’s Adventure January 1994 Hudson Soft
Boulder Dash June 1990 JVC
Boy and His Blob, A January 1990 Absolute Entertainment
Bram Stoker’s Dracula September 1993 Imagesoft
Break Time: The National Pool Tour January 1993 FCI
Breakthru November 1987 Data East

Bubble Bath Babes 1991 Panesian
Bubble Bobble November 1988 Taito
Bubble Bobble Part 2 August 1993 Taito
Bucky O’Hare January 1992 Konami
The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout September 1990 Kemco
The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle August 1989 Kemco
Bump ‘n’ Jump December 1988 Vic Tokai
Burai Fighter March 1990 Taxan
Burgertime May 1987 Data East

Cabal June 1990 Milton Bradley Company
Caesar’s Palace December 1992 Virgin
California Games June 1989 Milton Bradley Company
California Raisins: The Grape Escape 1990 Radiance Software (looks like reproduction cart, says “Capcom”.)
Captain America and the Avengers December 1991 Data East
Captain Comic 1989 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Captain Planet September 1991 Mindscape
Captain Skyhawk June 1990 Milton Bradley Company
Casino Kid October 1989 Sofel
Casino Kid 2 April 1993 Sofel
Castelian June 1991 Triffix
Castle of Deceit 1990 Bunch Games Unlicensed
Castle of Dragon June 1990 Seta
Castlequest September 1989 ASCII
Castlevania May 1987 Konami
Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest December 1988 Konami
Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse September 1990 Konami
Caveman Games October 1990 Data East
Challenge of the Dragon 1990 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Championship Bowling December 1989 Romstar
Championship Pool October 1993 Mindscape
Championship Rally 1991 HAL Australia Only. Released in Japan as Exciting Rally
Cheetahmen 2 1993 Active Enterprises
The Chessmaster January 1990 Hi Tech
Chiller 1986 American Game Cartridges Unlicensed – Need Zapper Light Gun
Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers June 1990 Capcom
Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers 2 January 1994 Capcom
Chubby Cherub October 1986 Bandai
Circus Caper July 1990 Toho
City Connection May 1988 Jaleco
Clash at Demonhead January 1990 Vic Tokai
Classic Concentration September 1990 Gametek United States only
Cliffhanger November 1993 Imagesoft

Clu Clu Land October 1985 Nintendo
Cobra Command November 1988 Data East
Cobra Triangle July 1989 Nintendo
Code Name: Viper March 1990 Capcom Ningen Heiki – Dead Fox in Japan.
Color a Dinosaur July 1993 Virgin
Commando November 1986 Capcom
Conan: The Mysteries of Time February 1991 Mindscape
Conflict March 1990 Vic Tokai
Conquest of the Crystal Palace November 1990 Asmik Released as Matendouji in Japan
Contra February 1988 Konami Probotector in Europe
Contra Force September 1992 Konami
Cool World June 1993 Ocean
Corvette ZR-1 Challenge 1990 Milton Bradley Company Called Race America in the U.S.
Cowboy Kid January 1992 Romstar Western Kid in Japan
Crackout 1991 Konami Europe and Australia only (Says “PALCOM” on Cart)
Crash ‘n the Boys: Street Challenge October 1992 American Technos
Crystal Mines 1989 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Crystalis July 1990 SNK Remade for Game Boy Color
Cyberball March 1992 Jaleco Planned by Tengen to be released unlicensed, Jaleco purchased rights to publish it
Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine December 1989 Acclaim

Dance Aerobics March 1989 Nintendo Needs the Power Pad
Danny Sullivan’s Indy Heat August 1992 Tradewest
Darkman October 1991 Ocean Software
Darkwing Duck June 1992 Capcom
Dash Galaxy in the Alien Asylum February 1990 Data East
Day Dreamin’ Davey June 1992 HAL
Days of Thunder October 1990 Mindscape
Deadly Towers September 1987 Broderbund
Death Race 1990 American Game Cartridges Unlicensed
Deathbots 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Defender II July 1988 HAL
Defender of the Crown July 1989 Ultra
Defenders of Dynatron City July 1992 JVC
Deja Vu December 1990 Seika
Demon Sword January 1990 Taito
Desert Commander June 1989 Seika
Destination Earthstar February 1990 Acclaim
Destiny of an Emperor September 1990 Capcom
Devil World 1984 Nintendo Japan & Europe only
Dick Tracy August 1990 Bandai
Die Hard January 1992 Activision
Dig Dug 2: Trouble in Paradise December 1989 Bandai
Digger T. Rock: Legend of the Lost City December 1990 Milton Bradley Company
Dirty Harry: The War Against Drugs December 1990 Mindscape
Donkey Kong June 1986 Nintendo
Donkey Kong 3 June 1986 Nintendo
Donkey Kong Classics October 1988 Nintendo
Donkey Kong Jr. June 1986 Nintendo
Donkey Kong Jr. Math October 1985 Nintendo
Double Dare April 1990 Gametek United States only
Double Dragon June 1988 Tradewest
Double Dragon II: The Revenge January 1990 Acclaim
Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones February 1991 Acclaim
Double Dribble September 1987 Konami
Double Strike 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Dr. Chaos November 1988 FCI
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde April 1989 Bandai
Dr. Mario October 1990 Nintendo
Dragon Fighter January 1992 Sofel
Dragon Power March 1988 Bandai Dragon Ball: Shenron no Nazo in Japan
Dragon Spirit: The New Legend June 1990 Bandai
Dragon Warrior August 1989 Nintendo Produced by Enix. Dragon Quest in Japan.
Dragon Warrior II September 1990 Enix Remade for Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color
Dragon Warrior III March 1992 Enix Remade for Super Nintendo and Game Boy Color
Dragon Warrior IV October 1992 Enix
Dragon’s Lair December 1990 CSG Imagesoft
Dropzone 1992 Mindscape Europe only
Duck Hunt October 1985 Nintendo Needs the Zapper Light Gun
DuckTales September 1989 Capcom
DuckTales 2 June 1993 Capcom
Dudes with Attitude 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Dungeon Magic: Sword of the Elements July 1990 Taito
Dusty Diamond’s All-Star Softball July 1990 Broderbund
Dynablaster 1991 Hudson Soft European release of Bomberman
Dynowarz: The Destruction of Spondylus April 1990 Bandai

Elevator Action August 1987 Taito
Eliminator Boat Duel November 1991 Electro Brain Corp.
Elite 1991 Imagineer Europe only
The Empire Strikes Back March 1992 JVC
Evert and Lendl Top Players’ Tennis January 1990 Asmik US only \ Released as Four Players’ Tennis in Europe \ Released as World Super Tennis in Japan
Excitebike October 1985 Nintendo
Exodus 1991 Wisdom Tree Unlicensed

F-117A Stealth Fighter December 1992 Microprose
F-15 City War 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
F-15 Strike Eagle February 1992 Microprose
Family Feud May 1991 Gametek United States only
The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy April 1991 Camerica
Fantasy Zone 1987 Tengen Unlicensed
Faria: A World of Mystery and Danger June 1991 ASCII (Slight tear on end label)

Faxanadu August 1989 Nintendo
Felix the Cat October 1992 Hudson Soft
Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge June 1992 Acclaim
Fester’s Quest September 1989 Sunsoft
Final Fantasy July 1990 Nintendo Developed by Squaresoft. Remade for PlayStation under Final Fantasy Origins, and for Game Boy Advance
Fire ‘n Ice March 1993 Tecmo Solomon’s Key 2 in Japan
Firehawk 1989 Unlicensed
Fisher Price: Firehouse Rescue March 1992 Gametek
Fisher Price: I Can Remember March 1990 Gametek
Fisher Price: Perfect Fit March 1990 Gametek
Fist of the North Star April 1989 Taxan
Flight of the Intruder May 1991 Mindscape
The Flintstones: Rescue of Dino and Hoppy December 1991 Taito
The Flintstones: The Surprise at Dinosaur Peak August 1994 Taito
Flying Dragon: The Secret Scroll August 1989 Culture Brain
Flying Warriors February 1991 Culture Brain
Formula 1: Built to Win November 1990 Seta
Frankenstein: The Monster Returns July 1991 Bandai
Freedom Force April 1988 Sunsoft
Friday the 13th February 1989 LJN
Fun House January 1991 Hi Tech United States only

G.I. Joe January 1991 Taxan
G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor March 1992 Capcom
Galactic Crusader 1990 Bunch Games
Galaga September 1988 Bandai Developed by Namco
Galaxy 5000 February 1991 Activision
Gargoyle’s Quest II: The Demon Darkness October 1992 Capcom
Gauntlet 1985 Tengen Unlicensed
Gauntlet II September 1990 Mindscape
Gemfire March 1992 Koei Released as Royal Blood in Japan
Genghis Khan January 1990 Koei
George Foreman’s KO Boxing December 1992 Acclaim
Ghostbusters October 1988 Activision
Ghostbusters II April 1990 Activision
Ghosts ‘n Goblins November 1986 Capcom
Ghoul School March 1992 Electro Brain Corp.
Goal! October 1989 Jaleco
Goal! Two November 1992 Jaleco
Godzilla October 1989 Toho
Godzilla 2 February 1992 Toho
Gold Medal Challenge 92 August 1992 Capcom
Golf October 1985 Nintendo
Golf Grand Slam December 1991 Atlus
Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode September 1988 Vic Tokai
The Goonies II November 1987 Konami
Gotcha! The Sport! November 1987 LJN
Gradius December 1986 Konami
The Great Waldo Search December 1992 THQ
Greg Norman’s Golf Power July 1992 Virgin
Gremlins 2: The New Batch October 1990 Sunsoft
The Guardian Legend April 1989 Broderbund
Guerilla War June 1989 SNK Released as Guerva in Japan
Gumshoe June 1986 Nintendo
Gun Nac September 1991 Ascii
Gunsmoke February 1988 Capcom
Gyromite October 1985 Nintendo
Gyruss February 1989 Konami

Hammerin’ Harry 1992 Irem Europe only
Harlem Globetrotters March 1991 Gametek
Hatris April 1992 Bullet Proof
Heavy Barrel March 1990 Data East
Heavy Shreddin’ June 1990 Parker Brothers
High Speed July 1991 Tradewest
Hogan’s Alley October 1985 Nintendo
Hollywood Squares September 1989 Gametek United States only
Home Alone October 1991 THQ
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York October 1992 THQ
Hook April 1992 Imagesot
Hoops June 1989 Jaleco Moero!! Junior Basket – Two on Two in Japan
Hot Slot 1991 Panesian

Hudson Hawk February 1992 Imagesoft
The Hunt for Red October January 1991 Hi Tech
Hydlide June 1989 FCI

Ice Climber October 1985 Nintendo
Ice Hockey March 1988 Nintendo
Ikari Warriors May 1987 SNK
Ikari Warriors II: Victory Road April 1988 SNK
Ikari Warriors III: The Rescue February 1991 SNK
Image Fight July 1990 Irem
The Immortal November 1990 Electronic Arts
Impossible Mission 2 1989 S.E.I. Unlicensed
The Incredible Crash Dummies August 1994 LJN
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade March 1991 Taito
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade December 1993 Ubisoft
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom December 1988 Mindscape
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom 1988 Tengen Unlicensed
International Cricket 1992 Mattel
Infiltrator January 1990 Mindscape
Iron Tank July 1988 SNK
Ironsword: Wizards & Warriors II December 1989 Acclaim
Isolated Warrior February 1991 NTVIC
Ivan “Iron Man” Stewart’s Super Off-Road April 1990 Tradewest

Jack Nicklaus’ Major Championship Golf March 1990 Konami
Jackal September 1988 Konami
Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu December 1990 Hudson Soft
James Bond Jr. November 1992 THQ
Jaws November 1987 LJN
Jeopardy! September 1988 Gametek United States only
Jeopardy! 25th Silver Anniversary Edition June 1990 Gametek United States only
Jeopardy! Jr. Edition October 1989 Gametek United States only
The Jetsons: Cogswell’s Caper December 1992 Taito
Jimmy Connors Pro Tennis Tour November 1993 UBI Soft
Joe & Mac December 1992 Data East (writing on front)

John Elway’s Quarterback March 1989 Tradewest
Jordan vs Bird: One on One August 1989 Milton Bradley Company
Joshua August 1992 Wisdom Tree, Inc.
Journey to Silius September 1990 Sunsoft
Joust October 1988 HAL
The Jungle Book August 1994 Virgin
Jurassic Park June 1993 Ocean Software

Kabuki Quantum Fighter January 1991 Hal
Karate Champ November 1986 Data East
The Karate Kid November 1987 LJN
Karnov January 1988 Data East
Kick Master January 1992 Taito
Kick Off 1991 Imagineer Europe only
Kickle Cubicle September 1990 Irem Known as Meikyuujima in Japan
Kid Icarus July 1987 Nintendo Hikari Shinwa: Parutena no Kagami in Japan
Kid Klown in Night Mayor World April 1993 Kemco
Kid Kool March 1990 Vic Tokai
Kid Niki: Radical Ninja November 1987 Data East
King Neptune’s Adventure 1990 Color Dreams Unlicensed
King of Kings: The Early Years 1991 Wisdom Tree Unlicensed
King’s Knight September 1989 Squaresoft
Kings of the Beach January 1990 Ultra
King’s Quest V June 1992 Konami
Kirby’s Adventure May 1993 Nintendo
Kiwi Kraze March 1991 Taito Released as New Zealand Story in Europe and Australia
Klash Ball July 1991 Sofel
Klax 1991 Tengen Unlicensed
Knight Rider December 1989 Acclaim
Konami Hyper Soccer 1992 Konami Europe only
Krazy Kreatures 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
The Krion Conquest January 1991 Vic Tokai Slightly different version released as Magical Doropie in Japan
Krusty’s Funhouse September 1992 Acclaim
Kung Fu October 1985 Nintendo
Kung Fu Heroes March 1989 Culture Brain

Laser Invasion June 1991 Konami
Last Action Hero October 1993 Imagesoft
The Last Ninja February 1991 Jaleco
The Last Starfighter June 1990 Mindscape
Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf September 1988 SNK
Legacy of the Wizard April 1989 Broderbund
Legend of the Ghost Lion October 1992 Kemco
The Legend of Kage August 1987 Taito
The Legend of Zelda July 1987 Nintendo The Hyrule Fantasy: Zelda no Densetsu in Japan
Legendary Wings July 1988 Capcom
Legends of the Diamond January 1992 Bandai
The Legend of Prince Valiant 1992 Ocean Europe only
Lemmings November 1992 Sunsoft
L’Empereur November 1991 Koei
Lethal Weapon April 1993 Ocean Software
Life Force August 1988 Konami Salamander in Japan
Linus Spacehead 1992 Camerica
The Lion King 1994 Virgin Europe only
Little League Baseball: Championship Series July 1990 SNK
The Little Mermaid July 1991 Capcom
Little Nemo: The Dream Master September 1990 Capcom
Little Ninja Brothers December 1990 Culture Brain
Little Red Hood 1989 Unlicensed: Home Entertainment Supplies[1] (originally Thin Chen Enterprise) WOW!
Little Samson November 1992 Taito
Lode Runner September 1987 Broderbund
The Lone Ranger August 1991 Konami
Loopz October 1990 Mindscape
Low G Man September 1990 Taxan
Lunar Pool October 1987 FCI

M.C. Kids February 1992 Virgin (NTSC only)
McDonaldland (PAL only)
M.U.L.E. September 1990 Mindscape
M.U.S.C.L.E. October 1986 Bandai
Mach Rider October 1985 Nintendo
Mad Max July 1990 Mindscape
The Mafat Conspiracy: Golgo 13 II June 1990 Vic Tokaicff
Magic Darts September 1991 Romstar
Magic Johnson’s Fast Break March 1990 Tradewest
The Magic of Scheherazade December 1989 Culture Brain Released as Arabian Dream Sherezaado in Japan
Magician February 1991 Taxan
Magmax October 1988 FCI
Major League Baseball April 1988 LJN
Maniac Mansion September 1990 Jaleco
Mappyland April 1989 Taxan
Marble Madness March 1989 Milton Bradley Company
Mario and Yoshi 1992 Released as Yoshi in the US
Mario Bros. June 1986 Nintendo
Mario Is Missing! July 1993 Mindscape
Mario’s Time Machine June 1994 Mindscape
Marvel’s X-Men December 1989 LJN
Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu 1989 Color Dreams Unlicensed

Maxi 15 (American Video Entertainment)
McDonaldLand Virgin Released as M.C. Kids in the US
Mechanized Attack June 1990 SNK
Mega Man December 1987 Capcom Rockman in Japan

Mega Man 2 June 1989 Capcom Rockman 2 in Japan
Mega Man 3 November 1990 Capcom Rockman 3 In Japan
Mega Man 4 January 1992 Capcom Rockman 4 In Japan
Mega Man 5 December 1992 Capcom Rockman 5 In Japan
Mega Man 6 March 1994 Nintendo Developed by Capcom. Rockman 6 in Japan
Menace Beach 1990 Color Dreams Unlicensed – Later released as Sunday Funday
Mendel Palace October 1990 Hudson Soft
Mermaids of Atlantis 1991 American Video Entertainment
Metal Fighter 1989 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Metal Gear June 1988 Konami
Metal Mech March 1991 Jaleco Metal Flame Psybuster in Japan
Metal Storm February 1991 Irem Juuryoku Soukou Metal Storm in Japan
Metroid August 1987 Nintendo
Michael Andretti’s World GP June 1990 American Sammy
Mickey Mousecapade October 1988 Capcom Released as Mickey Mouse in Japan
Mickey’s Adventures in Numberland March 1994 Hi Tech
Mickey’s Safari in Letterland March 1993 Hi Tech
Micro Machines 1991 Camerica Unlicensed
Mig 29 Soviet Fighter 1989 Camerica Unlicensed
Might and Magic: The Secret of the Inner Sanctum August 1992 American Sammy
Mighty Bomb Jack July 1987 Tecmo
Mighty Final Fight July 1993 Capcom
Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! October 1987 Nintendo
Millipede October 1988 HAL
Milon’s Secret Castle September 1988 Hudson Soft
The Miracle Piano Teaching System 1990 Mindscape
Mission Cobra 1990 Bunch Games
Mission: Impossible September 1990 Ultra
Monopoly May 1991 Parker Brothers
Monster in My Pocket January 1992 Konami
Monster Party June 1989 Bandai
Monster Truck Rally September 1991 INTV
Moon Ranger 1990 Bunch Games Unlicensed
Motor City Patrol January 1992 Matchbox
Ms. Pac Man November 1993 Namco
Ms. Pac Man 1990 Tengen Unlicensed
MTV’s Remote Control May 1990 Hi Tech United States only
Muppet Adventure: Chaos at the Carnival November 1990 Hi Tech
The Mutant Virus: Crisis in a Computer World April 1992 American Softworks
Mystery Quest April 1989 Taxan

NARC August 1990 Acclaim
NES Open Tournament Golf September 1991 Nintendo
NES Play Action Football September 1990 Nintendo
New Zealand Story 1991 Taito Released as Kiwi Kraze in the US
NFL Football September 1989 LJN
Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing October 1993 Gametek
A Nightmare on Elm Street October 1990 LJN
Nightshade January 1992 Ultra
Ninja Crusaders December 1990 American Sammy
Ninja Gaiden March 1989 Tecmo Ninja Ryuukenden in Japan
Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos May 1990 Tecmo Ninja Ryuukenden 2 in Japan
Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom August 1991 Tecmo Ninja Ryuukenden 3 in Japan
Ninja Kid October 1986 Bandai Satan’s Den in Japan
Nintendo World Championships (BLUE REPRODUCTION)
Nintendo World Championships (Original Cart)
Nintendo World Cup December 1990 Nintendo
Noah’s Ark 1992 Konami Europe only
Nobunaga’s Ambition June 1989 Koei
Nobunaga’s Ambition II April 1991 Koei
North and South December 1990 Seika

Operation Secret Storm 1991 Color Dreams
Operation Wolf May 1989 Taito
Orb-3D October 1990 Hi Tech
Othello December 1988 Acclaim
Over Horizon 1991 Hot B Japan & Europe only
Overlord January 1993 Virgin Interactive

P.O.W.: Prisoners of War September 1989 SNK
Pac-Man November 1993 Namco
Pac-Man Tengen Unlicensed (GREY CART)
Pac-Man Tengen Unlicensed (BLACK CART)
Pac-Mania 1990 Tengen Unlicensed
Palamedes November 1990 Hot B
Panic Restaurant October 1992 Taito
Paperboy December 1988 Mindscape
Paperboy 2 April 1992 Mindscape
Parodius 1992 Konami Japan & Europe only
Peek-A-Boo Poker 1991 Panesian

Pesterminator 1990 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Peter Pan and the Pirates January 1991 THQ
Phantom Fighter April 1990 FCI
Pictionary July 1990 LJN
Pinball October 1985 Nintendo
Pinball Quest June 1990 Jaleco
Pinbot April 1990 Nintendo
Pipe Dream September 1990 Bullet Proof
Pirates! October 1991 MicroProse/Ultra
Platoon December 1988 Sunsoft
Popeye June 1986 Nintendo
Power Blade March 1991 Taito
Power Blade 2 October 1992 Taito Captian Saver in Japan
Power Punch II June 1992 American Softworks
P’radikus Conflict 1990 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Predator: Soon the Hunt Will Begin April 1989 Activision
Prince of Persia November 1992 Virgin
Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom February 1991 Hudson Soft
Pro Sport Hockey November 1993 Jaleco
Pro Wrestling March 1987 Nintendo
Probotector 1988 Konami (“Contra in the US and Japan”??? Wikipedia fuck up?)
Probotector II: Return of the Evil Forces 1992 Konami Super C in the US and Japan
Punch-Out!! October 1990 Nintendo
The Punisher November 1990 LJN
Puss ‘n Boots: Pero’s Great Adventure June 1990 Electro Brain Corp.
Puzzle 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Puzznic November 1990 Taito
Pyramid 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed

Q*bert February 1989 Ultra
Qix January 1991 Taito
Quattro Adventure 1991 Camerica Unlicensed
Quattro Arcade 1991 Camerica Unlicensed
Quattro Sports 1993 Camerica Unlicensed

R.C. Pro-Am February 1988 Nintendo
R.C. Pro-Am II December 1992 Tradewest
Race America May 1992 Absolute Entertainment
Racermate Challenge II (still need accessories)
Racket Attack October 1988 Jaleco Moero!! Pro Tennis in Japan
Rackets and Rivals 1993 Palcom Software Europe only
Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis II 1991 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Rad Racer October 1987 Nintendo Released as Highway Star in Japan
Rad Racer II June 1990 Squaresoft
Raid 2020 1989 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Raid on Bungeling Bay September 1987 Broderbund
Rainbow Islands June 1991 Taito
Rally Bike September 1990 Romstar
Rambo May 1988 Acclaim
Rampage December 1988 Data East
Rampart January 1992 Jaleco
RBI Baseball 1988 Tengen Unlicensed
RBI Baseball II 1990 Tengen Unlicensed
RBI Baseball III 1991 Tengen Unlicensed
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Buckaroo$ November 1993 THQ
Renegade January 1988 Taito Nekketsu Kouha Kunio Kun in Japan.
Rescue: The Embassy Mission January 1990 Kemco Hostages: The Embassy Mission in Japan
Ring King September 1987 Data East Family Boxing in Japan
River City Ransom January 1990
Road Fighter 1985 Konami Japan & Europe only
Road Runner 1989 Tengen Unlicensed
RoadBlasters January 1990 Mindscape
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves November 1991 Virgin
Robocop December 1989 Data East
RoboCop 2 April 1991 Data East
RoboCop 3 August 1992 Ocean Software (minor writing on end label, funny “please rewind” sticker on back)

Robodemons 1990 Color Dreams
RoboWarrior December 1988 Jaleco Bomber King in Japan
Rock ‘n’ Ball January 1990 NTVIC
Rocket Ranger June 1990 Seika
The Rocketeer May 1991 Bandai
Rockin’ Kats September 1991 Atlus
Rodland Storm Sales Curve Europe only

Roger Clemens’ MVP Baseball October 1991 LJN
Rollerball February 1990 HAL
Rollerblade Racer February 1993 Hi Tech
Rollergames September 1990 Ultra
Rolling Thunder 1988 Tengen Unlicensed
Romance of the Three Kingdoms October 1989 Koei
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II September 1991 Koei
Roundball: 2 on 2 Challenge May 1992 Mindscape
Rush’n Attack April 1987 Konami
Rygar July 1987 Tecmo Argos no Senshi: Hachamecha Daishingeki in Japan

S.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team June 1991 Natsume Action in New York in Europe
Secret Scout 1991 Color Dreams Unlicensed
Section Z July 1987 Capcom
Seicross October 1988 FCI
Sesame Street: 1-2-3 January 1989 Hi Tech
Sesame Street: A-B-C September 1989 Hi Tech
Sesame Street: A-B-C/1-2-3 November 1991 Hi Tech
Sesame Street: Big Bird’s Hide & Speak October 1990 Hi Tech
Sesame Street: Countdown February 1992 Hi Tech
Shadow of the Ninja December 1990 Natsume
Shadow Warriors 1991 Tecmo Released as Ninja Gaiden in the US / Ninja Ryuukenden in Japan
Shadow Warriors 2 Tecmo Released as Ninja Gaiden 2 in the US / Ninja Ryuukenden 2 in Japan
Shadowgate December 1989 Seika
Shatterhand December 1991 Jaleco
Shingen the Ruler June 1990 Hot B
Shinobi 1989 Tengen Unlicensed (looks like the cart has shit stains, but label is OK)

Shock Wave 1990 Unlicensed
Shooting Range June 1989 Bandai
Short Order/Eggsplode December 1989 Nintendo
Side Pocket June 1987 Data East
Silent Assault 1990 Color Dreams
Silent Service December 1989 Ultra
Silkworm June 1990 American Sammy
Silver Surfer November 1990 Arcadia
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space Mutants February 1991 Acclaim
The Simpsons: Bart VS. The World December 1991 Acclaim
The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man December 1992 Acclaim
Skate or Die! December 1988 Ultra
Skate or Die 2 September 1990 Electronic Arts
Ski or Die February 1991 Ultra
Skull and Crossbones 1990 Tengen Unlicensed
Sky Kid September 1987 Sunsoft
Sky Shark September 1989 Taito
Slalom August 1987 Nintendo
Smash T.V. September 1991 Acclaim
The Smurfs 1994 Infogrames Europe only
Snake Rattle n Roll July 1990 Nintendo
Snake’s Revenge April 1990 Ultra Europe and US only
Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular April 1990 Seika
Snow Brothers November 1991 Capcom
Soccer March 1987 Nintendo
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship September 1990 Tradewest
Solitaire 1992 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Solomon’s Key July 1987 Tecmo
Solomon’s Key 2 1992 Tecmo Fire ‘n Ice in the US
Solstice June 1990 CSG Imagesoft
Space Shuttle Project November 1991 Absolute Entertainment
Spelunker September 1987 Broderbund
Spider-Man: Return of the Sinister Six October 1992 LJN
Spiritual Warfare 1992 Wisdom Tree Unlicensed
Splatterhouse – Namco (Wasn’t on list. is this rare or something?)
Spot September 1990 Virgin Interactive
Spy Hunter September 1987 Sunsoft
Spy VS. Spy October 1988 Kemco
Sqoon September 1987 Irem
Stack-Up October 1985 Nintendo (NEED PARTS)
Stadium Events September 1987 Bandai (PAL VERSION)
Stanley and the Search for Dr. Livingston October 1992 Electro Brain Corp.
Star Force November 1987 Tecmo
Star Soldier January 1989 Taxan
Star Trek 25th Anniversary February 1992 Ultra
Star Trek: The Next Generation September 1993 Absolute Entertainment
Star Voyager September 1987 Acclaim
Star Wars November 1991 JVC
Starship Hector June 1990 Hudson Soft
StarTropics December 1990 Nintendo
Stealth ATF October 1989 Activision
Stinger September 1987 Konami
Street Cop June 1989 Bandai
Street Fighter 2010 September 1990 Capcom
Street Gangs 1991 Infogrames River City Ransom in US
Strider July 1989 Capcom
Stunt Kids 1992 Camerica Unlicensed
Summer Carnival ’92 (FAMICOM GAME, but in NES CART) Says “RECCA” on end label
Sunday Funday 1995 Wisdom Tree Unlicensed – remake of Menace Beach
Super C April 1990 Konami

Super Cars February 1991 Electro Brain Corp.
Super Dodge Ball June 1989 Sony Imagesoft
Super Glove Ball October 1990 Mattel
Super Jeopardy! September 1991 Gametek United States only (End label torn off completely)
Super Mario Bros. October 1985 Nintendo
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt November 1988 Nintendo
Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt/World Class Track Meet December 1990 Nintendo
Super Mario Bros./Tetris/Nintendo World Cup (Europe only?)
Super Mario Bros. 2 October 1988 Nintendo (“Doki Doki Panic” in Japan)
Super Mario Bros. 3 February 1990 Nintendo
Super Pitfall November 1987 Activision
Super Spike V’Ball February 1990 Nintendo
Super Spike V’Ball/Nintendo World Cup December 1990 Nintendo
Super Sprint 1989 Tengen Unlicensed
Super Spy Hunter February 1992 Sunsoft
Super Team Games November 1988 Nintendo
Super Turrican 1992 Imagineer Europe only
Superman December 1988 Seika
Swamp Thing December 1992 THQ
Sword Master January 1992 Activision
Swords and Serpents August 1990 Acclaim

Taboo: The Sixth Sense April 1989 Tradewest
Tag Team Wrestling October 1986 Data East
Tagin’ Dragon 1990 Bunch Games
Tale Spin December 1991 Capcom
Target: Renegade March 1990 Taito
Tecmo Baseball January 1989 Tecmo
Tecmo Bowl February 1989 Tecmo
Tecmo NBA Basketball November 1992 Tecmo
Tecmo Super Bowl December 1991 Tecmo
Tecmo World Cup Soccer September 1992 Tecmo (CALLED “TECMO CUP SOCCER GAME”)
Tecmo World Wrestling April 1990 Tecmo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles June 1989 Ultra/Konami Gekikame Ninja Den in Japan
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game December 1990 Ultra/Konami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project February 1992 Konami
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament Fighters February 1994 Konami
Tennis October 1985 Nintendo
Terminator 2: Judgment Day February 1992 Acclaim
The Terminator December 1992 Mindscape
Terra Cresta March 1990 Vic Tokai
Tetris November 1989 Nintendo
Tetris May 1989 Tengen Unlicensed
Tetris 2 October 1993 Nintendo
Thomas and Friends (What is this?!)
The Three Stooges October 1989 Activision
Thunder & Lightning December 1990 Romstar
Thunderbirds September 1990 Activision
Thundercade July 1989 American Sammy
Tiger-Heli September 1987 Acclaim
Tiles of Fate 1990 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Time Lord September 1990 Milton Bradley Company
Times of Lore May 1991 Toho
Tiny Toon Adventures December 1991 Konami
Tiny Toon Adventures 2: Trouble in Wackyland April 1993 Konami
Tiny Toon Adventures Cartoon Workshop December 1992 ;Konami
To the Earth November 1989 Nintendo
Toki December 1991 Taito
Tom & Jerry December 1991 Hi Tech
Tombs & Treasure June 1991 Infocom
Toobin 1989 Tengen Unlicensed
Top Gun November 1987 Konami
Top Gun: The Second Mission January 1990 Konami
Total Recall August 1990 Acclaim
Totally Rad March 1991 Jaleco
Touchdown Fever February 1991 SNK
Town & Country II: Thrilla’s Surfari March 1992 Acclaim
T&C Surf Designs (video game) February 1988 LJN
Toxic Crusaders April 1992 Bandai
Track & Field April 1987 Konami
Track & Field II June 1989 Konami
Treasure Master December 1991 American Softworks
Trog October 1991 Acclaim
Trojan February 1987 Capcom
Trolls on Treasure Island 1992 American Sammy
Twin Cobra January 1990 American Sammy
Twin Eagle October 1989 Romstar

Ufouria: The Saga 1991 Sunsoft Europe only
Ultima 3: Exodus February 1989 FCI
Ultima 4: Quest of the Avatar December 1990 FCI
Ultima 5: Warriors of Destiny January 1993 FCI
Ultimate Air Combat November 1991 Activision
Ultimate Basketball September 1990 American Sammy
Ultimate League Soccer 1991 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Ultimate Stuntman 1990 Camerica Unlicensed
Uncharted Waters November 1991 Koei
Uninvited June 1991 Seika
The Untouchables January 1991 Ocean Software
Urban Champion June 1986 Nintendo

Vegas Dream March 1990 HAL
Venice Beach Volleyball 1991 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Vice: Project Doom November 1991 American Sammy
Videomation June 1991 THQ
Vindicators 1988 Tengen Unlicensed
Volleyball March 1987 Nintendo

Wacky Races May 1992 Atlus
Wall Street Kid June 1990 Sofel
Wally Bear and the NO! Gang 1992 American Video Entertainment Unlicensed
Wario’s Woods December 1994 Nintendo Last NES game released
Wayne Gretzky Hockey January 1991 THQ
Wayne’s World November 1993 THQ
Werewolf: The Last Warrior November 1990 Data East
Wheel of Fortune September 1988 Gametek United States only
Wheel of Fortune Family Edition March 1990 Gametek United States only
Wheel of Fortune Featuring Vanna White January 1992 Gametek United States only
Wheel of Fortune Junior Edition October 1989 Gametek United States only
Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego? October 1991 Konami
Where’s Waldo? September 1991 THQ
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? September 1989 LJN
Whomp ‘Em March 1991 Jaleco
Widget November 1992 Atlus
Wild Gunman October 1985 Nintendo
Willow December 1989 Capcom
Win Lose or Draw March 1990 Hi Tech
Winter Games September 1987 Acclaim
Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord July 1990 Ascii
Wizardry: The Knight of Diamonds April 1992 Ascii
Wizards & Warriors December 1987 Acclaim
Wizards & Warriors III March 1992 Acclaim
Wolverine October 1991 LJN
World Champ April 1991 Romstar
World Championship Wrestling April 1990 FCI
World Class Track Meet August 1988
World Games March 1989 Milton Bradley Company
Wrath of the Black Manta April 1990 Taito
Wrecking Crew October 1985 Nintendo
Wurm: Journey To The Center Of The Earth November 1991 Asmik
WWF King of the Ring November 1993 LJN
WWF WrestleMania January 1989 Acclaim
WWF WrestleMania Challenge November 1990 LJN
WWF WrestleMania: Steel Cage Challenge September 1992 LJN

Xenophobe December 1988 Sunsoft
Xevious September 1988 Bandai Developed by Namco
Xexyz April 1990 Hudson Soft

Yo! Noid November 1990 Capcom
Yoshi June 1992 Nintendo Released as Mario and Yoshi in Europe
Yoshi’s Cookie April 1993 Nintendo
The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles December 1992 Jaleco

Zanac October 1987 FCI
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link December 1988 Nintendo The Legend of Zelda 2: Rinku no Bouken in Japan
Zen: Intergalactic Ninja March 1993 Konami
Zoda’s Revenge: StarTropics II March 1994 Nintendo
Zombie Nation September 1991 Meldac Abarenbou Tengu in Japan




* Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque
* Duck Maze (Same as HES cart)
* Mr. Gimmick
* New Ghostbusters II
* Parasol Stars: Bubble Bobble 3
* Trolls in Crazy Land


3 in 1 Supergun
Adan y Eva
Booky Man
Corre Benny
Cosmos Cop
El Bloque Magico
El Destructor
El Monstruo de los Globos
F-15 City War
Gluk the Thunder Warrior
La Alfombra Magica
La Gran Aventura Submarina
La Guerra del Golfo
Magic Carpet 1001
Skate Boy
Volly Ball


  • 4 in 1 Fun Blaster Pak (Pipemania, Twin Eagle, Metal Fighter and Little Red Hood)
  • 4 in 1 Total Funpak (Pac-man, Sidewinder, Duck Maze & Othello)
  • 4 in 1 Mind Blower Pak (Math Quiz, Jackpot, Arctic Adventure, Galactic Crusader)
  • Real Players Pack 6-Pak (Rarest Known HES Game) Has The Same Unique Games As The (Caltron 6 in 1/Myriad 6 in 1)
  • Arctic Adventure (Penguin and Seal)
  • Chiller
  • Death Race
  • Duck Maze
  • F15 City War
  • Impossible Mission 2
  • Jackpot
  • Little Red Hood (By Thin Chen Enterprise as Sachen)
  • Maxi 15
  • NARC
  • Othello
  • Pac-man
  • Pipemania
  • Raid 2020
  • Pyramid
  • RBI Baseball
  • Sidewinder (Mission Cobra)
  • Silent Assault
  • Super Sprint
  • Toobin’
  • Twin Eagle


* TC-001 Jovial Race (a Rally X-esque game)
* TC-002 Hidden Chinese Chess
* TC-003 Sidewinder

* TC-004 Little Red Hood
* TC-005 Silent Assault

* TC-006 Twin Eagle (A.K.A. Double Strike: Aerial Attack Force, for Nes, by American Video Entertainment) (ON MAIN LIST, “ROMSTAR”?)
* TC-007 Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu
* TC-008 Metal Fighter (A.K.A. Joyvan Kid)

* TC-009 Galactic Crusader (A.K.A. Incantation, and Papillon – Padillon comes with Incantation instructions, and title screen says Papillon) (ON MAIN LIST “BUNCHGAMES”?)
* TC-010 Mahjong Trap (Nudity)
* TC-011 Challenge of the Dragon (a Double Dragon-esque type of game)

* TC-012 Poker I (A.K.A. The World of Card Games) (4in-1)
1. Omnibus Hearts
2. Fan Tan
3. Chinese Rummy
4. The Clock

* TC-013 Poker II (4-in-1-)
1. Max 2
2. Ghost Buster
3. 99
4. Change Around

* TC-014 Strategist
* TC-015 Olympic I.Q.
* TC-016 Happy Pairs (Solitaire mahjong)
* TC-017 Auto-Upturn (a puzzle game)
* TC-018 Magic Cube (a puzzle game)
* TC-019 Chinese Checkers

* TC-020 Poker III (5-in-1)
1. King of Casino
2. King Poker
3. Poker
4. Blackjack
5. The 13 Cards

* TC-021 Super Pang (unauthorized port of Super Famicom title Super Buster Bros)
* TC-022 Super Pang II
* TC-023 Popo Team
* TC-024 Rockball
* TC-025 Silver Eagle (a shoot ’em up)
* TC-026 Q Boy (A prototype screen shot in the back of certain Sachen game manuals showing previews shows the game being named ‘Puff Kid’ at one point, and having a menu that contains an “Options” menu.)
* TC-027 Street Heroes
* TC-028 Jurassic Boy (Famicom/NES/Game Boy Color, A Sonic-esique game that lacks abilities from the original, such as rolling along the ground and spin dash. * The NES manual mentions these features, however, and the game itself contains numerous unused sprites, more than actually used, suggesting that it had these features at one point, or were planned. Says “Jurassic Boy 2” on title screen.)
* TC-029 Gaiapolis
* TC-030 Thunder Blaster Man (A platformer with a gliding ability and a boomerang weapon, title screen says “Rocman X”)

*TC-031 Unknown

*TC-032Zhong Guo Da Heng (AKA Millionaire II)


* SA-001 Taiwan Mahjong
* SA-002 The Penguin and Seal
* SA-003 Middle School English
* SA-004 Lucky 777
* SA-005 Colorful Dragon (a maze game)
* SA-006 Honey Peach (Nudity)
*SA-007 Bingo 75 (Nudity) (A slot-machine simulator)
* SA-008 The Mahjong World
* SA-009 Pyramid (Gold-Bule label version contain nudity)
* SA-010 Pyramid II
* SA-011 Pipe V (A.K.A. Pipemania for NES by HES Interactive)
* SA-012 Millionaire (a board game)
* SA-013 Dancing Blocks
* SA-014 Magical Mathematics
* SA-015 Chess Academy

* SA-016 Hell Fighter
* SA-017 Locksmith (a mix of action and puzzle)
* SA-018 Poker Mahjong
* SA-019 The Great Wall
* SA-020 Tasac (a basic vertical space-shooter)
* SA-021 Final Combat
* SA-022 Huge Insect (an unreleased Galaga-style game with a wildlife-theme rather than a space-theme)
* SA-023 Cosmocop (2-in-1 Cosmocop/Cyber Monster Cartridge says “Light Gun Game, red-grey label)
* SA-024 Tough Cop 2-in-1 Tough Cop/Super Tough Cop (Cartridge says “Light Gun Game, green label)
* SA-025 Taiwan Mahjong II
* SA-026 Mahjong School
* SA-027 Mahjong Partner


Super Cartridge Version 1 4-in-1
1. Bingo 75
2. Lucky 777
3. Honey Peach
4. Chess Academy

Super Cartridge Version 2 10-in-1 (Card Games) contains all the games of “TC-013 Poker II”
1. Hidden Chinese Chess
2. Omnibus Hearts
3. Fan Tan
4. Chinese Rummy
5. Max 2
6. Ghost Buster
7. 99
8. Change Around
9. Fortune Telling (Chinese)
10. Fortune Telling (English)

Super Cartridge Version 3 8-in-1
1. Jovial Race
2. Little Red Hood
3. Twin Eagle
4. Silent Assault
5. Super Pang I
6. Mine Sweeper
7. Mine Sweeper II
8. Mine Sweeper III

Super Cartridge Version 4 6-in-1
1. Master Chu
2. Metal Fighter
3. Galactic Crusader
4. Auto-Upturn
5. Magic Cube
6. Super Pang II

Super Cartridge Version 5 7-in-1
1. Penguin and Seal
2. Middle School English
3. Pyramid I
4. Magical Mathematics
5. Starategist (2 IN 1) Poker Racing, The Battle of Poker
6. Olympic I.Q.
7. Chinese Checkers

Super Cartridge Version 6 6-in-1
1. Colorful Dragon
2. Pyramid II
3. Pipe V
4. Millionaire
5. Dancing Blocks
6. Locksmith

Super Cartridge Version 7 4-in-1
1. Sidewinder
2. Happy Pairs
3. Tasac
4. Silver Eagle

Super Cartridge Version 8 4-in-1
1. Final Combat
2. Worm Visitor
3. Frog Adventure
4. Magical Tower

Super Cartridge Version 9 3-in-1
1. Challenge of the Dragon
2. Rockball
3. Popo Tem

Other SACHEN GAMES not listed above

Bonus Tiles Majong
Jurassic Boy
Lucky Bingo 777
Mahjong Companion
Mahjong Academy
Mahjong Trap 2
Millionaire 2 Chuugoku Taitei
Super Heros Samurai Spirits

64 In 1 Multicart

James’ favorites