When the Shadows Lay Darkest (1997)

Mike Matei / December 3rd, 1997

This is a little animated movie I made in 1997, on a program called 3D Movie Maker. You can pick scenery, change camera angles, record audio, select characters, change their clothes, make them move. Most of the actions include dancing or jumping, but I did everything I could to make it look like they were fighting, so I really had to push the limits of the software to make the characters do what I wanted.

Also, I was running Windows 95 on an old PC with a 3 GB hardrive. With a movie over 20 minutes, I was lucky when it would load.

The only way I was able to record it, was on my old VHS camera pointed at the monitor.
3 things you’ll hear that don’t belong are
1) a telephone ringing.
2) my dog barking.
3) my sister yelling at me.

I wish the quality could be better, but I’m fortunate the tape still exists.

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